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Why all the HYPE???!! D.Walker is Avg at best

It seems to me that most Zoners don't want the niners to draft Colby Fleener TE Stanford because there under the assumption D.Walker will become a elite TE. well i hate to break it too you but walker and Fleener are not in the same league. not saying i don't love d.walker my self but to pass on Fleener because we have walker is ludicrous. if anything we should draft Fleener and give walker Moron Norris roster spot and let him play his natural Hybrid TE WR H-back position. bottom line Fleener in a similar system out preformed Walker statistically yet i also understand walkers blocking was pivotal in our running game but to pass on a local talent like Fleener is something we should have learned from in the past see (Desean Jackson).
Not to mention Walker is a free agent after this season.

Walker In 15 Games last Year
19 Receptions
198 yards
3 Touchdowns

Colby Fleener stats 2011
34 Receptions
667 Yards
10 Touchdowns

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