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Last 49er on madden cover was garrison Hearst and he broke his ankle... Must read

Me too........did NOT read...paragraphs, say it over an over...
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Garrison Hearst running behind Fred Beasley was the shiz.
The curse is real homie. I ain't vote'n !
I dont believe in cursing. Thats a bunch of s**t.
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
The curse is real homie. I ain't vote'n !

Vote Newton!
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So Larry Fitzgerald was the only one who avoided the curse...b/c he was on the cover with Troy P. who apparently, got all the curse.

So let's put Willis and Rodgers on the cover together and hope the curse hits Aaron!
Originally posted by Eli_23:

I think Chilo "Bust Mode" Rachal should grace the cover every year, no matter what team he's on. He already plays like he's been cursed anyway.
Waiting for the Cliff Notes version.
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
But Gearst had a breakout season that year

He did. Until the playoffs. Oh how that one hurt. Cost of the SB that year.
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All you guys go vote for me. If I lose I want to at least lose with a fair fight knowing u all voted for me

I finally caved and voted for Willis because of this tweet
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