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Willis vs. Newton : vote for Willis!

my fake inside source was right!! willis was winning!

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Originally posted by chico49erfan:
Go Willis!!! It would be so sick seeing a 49er on the cover!

I personally don't believe in a jinx, but the majority of players on the Madden cover have either sucked ass the next year or been injured. I strongly believe these guys were going to suck ass or get hurt whether they made the cover or not, however.
looking at how cam newton is crushing fools in the voting, he'll probably beat out willis
Originally posted by LBCniner:
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
Hasn't literally every player that's been on the cover been injured, had a terrible year or the team just sucked????

Why would we possible want this?


not brett favre

Marshall Faulk
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I'll vote Willis every time. f**k that b******t curse.
willis will hurt the madden cover. screw that curse. willis will hex madden
I'm voting for my favorite player Patrick Willis to get his recognition on his favorite video game. Go Willis! Not all of your fans are complete wack jobs.
Originally posted by Theswede:
Patrick Willis enforces the curse on present cover athletes. Since he is also unable to self-terminate I see a paradox brewing if he makes the cover.

omg who divided by 0?!?!?!?!?!
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I know the "curse is the curse"... but wouldn't it be cool to see a Niner on the cover?
If Willis gets the cover John Madden's bus will get hit by a plane and Willis will get over 100 tackles, over 5 sacks, over 10 passes defended, over 5 INT's, over 5 forced fumbles, DPOY, All-Pro, Pro-Bowl, NFL Linebacker of the Year, Man of the Year, League MVP and Superbowl MVP.

Voted for Willis, lol
Well, barring the injury, Hearst did have a great season when he was on the cover, lol

So Willis should do fine even if he's on the cover
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god damn how does patrick willis keep winning this s**t
Vote for newton

Do it if you actually love the niners!!

I believe in the curse and love P Willy.
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