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Vic Fangio's second year defenses and beyond

This is the best defense in the NFL. It isn't particularly close imo either. All returning starters and you have guys named Justin Smith and Patrick Willis. Good luck oppenents.

Did they just contained 2 of the best offenses in the NFL....

There are reasons for concerns but I'm not going to take away the great games they played against GB/Detroit:

  • Excellent containment on the edges by Brooks/Aldon
  • Screen pass coverage has been great
  • Quite a few TFL (hits, pressures, etc.). Many chase downs that have gone for .5+ yards will become sacks against less mobile guys unlike Ponder & Rodgers/Stafford. The OLBers should have at least a combined 10+ sacks by now...seriously.
  • Excellent coverage schemes against pass-only teams
  • Culliver has taken that next step (next one will be to pull in those passes he's been defending)
  • Stellar job against GB (coverage schemes) & Detroit (physical play and exotic coverage schemes with the OLB)
  • Tackling has been crisp save for Vikings game

  • Covering of TE's in the middle of the field and esp. in the RZ/EZ
  • Covering swing passes and RB's out of the backfield
  • The opposition is 5 for 5 in the RZ
  • Giving receivers clean, free releases off the LOS and enormous cushions esp. on 3rd and longs
  • Pass rush is not consistent (Brooks is getting doubled again, Aldon is getting pressure and the DL seems to be doing next to nothing). Our ILB's are ineffective in blitzing and so far, only the CB has been successful. We're there but not closing!
  • Still playing vanilla and reacting to offenses (and consequently giving young QB's easy 1st downs and tons of confidence) vs. attacking/dictating offenses like Seattle/Cards/Ravens etc.
  • Seem susceptible to runs up the middle now and passes in the middle of the field
  • Brown/Rogers seem to struggle staying with their guys esp. when they run all the way across the field (wide open)
  • S's are playing so far deep, they seem to only be there to tackles AFTER the catches have been made (tighten it up) plus Goldson and Whitner appear to be blowing assignments as well
  • Aldon needs to gain more experience at play recognition in coverage
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Alex didn't do something here!
You cannot expect your defense to be elite every game. there is a lot of film on our defense, and people will treat us like a superpower which means we're not sneaking up on people.

Also, we have a division champion schedule. It's harder.
Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that the niners D could not stop the rams. This is still a tough D, but this squad is regressing. Typical of Vic Fangio's defenses.
Originally posted by NinerGod:
Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that the niners D could not stop the rams. This is still a tough D, but this squad is regressing. Typical of Vic Fangio's defenses.

You got this right... What the Rams did is exactly what the Giants and Viks did and Seattle tried to do. They run inside off their right Guard and drive the ball up the 49ers gut. This is what I call the 49ers glass jaw. If I am Chicago (and the others) I run Forte exactly this way. The 49ers have no way to stop this....
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It seems to me that the lack of pass rush is the difference. It's all Aldon or nothing. Smith n McDonald only 1/2 a sack between the two of them. We were able only rush 4 last yr n leave everyone else free.
Before today, they were tied for the least amount of points allowed per game, gave up the least amount of yards per game and least amount of passing yards. They will be fine. Sure they aren't the defense of last year but that was a special year

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We can't stop the run for s**t!
Fourth time's the charm.
Vic better not ever leave us.
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