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Vic Fangio's second year defenses and beyond

I just hope our DB's show up this year, (Meaning I'm expecting a drop off in play) and if they don't that our depth can step up and fill in. Talking about you Carlos, and goldson.
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If no one will say it I will . . . TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!
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would like to see the rosters of those teams... maybe he lost some studs

as for the colts job, i don't take anything out of that job.. when peyton got there the colts ignored the defense and drafted players for the offense.

Ask and ye shall receive . . .the cupboards were pretty bare.

'95 Panthers - 7th overall
'96 Panthers - 10th overall
'97 Panthers - 15th overall
'98 Panthers - 30th overall

'99 Colts - 15th overall
'00 Colts - 21st overall
'01 Colts - 29th overall

'02 Texans - 16th overall
'03 Texans - 31st overall
'04 Texans - 23rd overall
'05 Texans - 31st overall

It looks like in 95-96 he squeezed some life out some aging vets and put out some decent defenses in Carolina, then after that it looks pretty ugly talent-wise for his other tenures. There's no reason this defense shouldn't be better with a full off season.
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the f**k? lol
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BTW, with regards to turnovers....

People seem to forget:

GREEN BAY had as MANY takeaways as us during the regular season!

No one would equate them to having a D like our D, but it's interesting to put that in perspective when people just look at 49er defense as a turnover machine.

GB got all those turnovers because they put teams in bad situations. We got those turnovers through brute force D, and some luck I suppose.

Rarely did we have huge leads. And when we did get TOs, how often did we convert for TDs, let alone FGs?

So true gb had some huge leads whereas sf did not. We got the turnovers by talent and smarts where gb had a lot of obvious passing situations when they had a big lead.

We have a great d with the most talent fangio has ever had.
Also gb was what??? Historically the worst pass defense in the history of the nfl is passing yards allowed? Yes they did have a lead and played prevent but guess what? The niners had some leads and good defenses don't give up that many yards or plays no matter how far ahead of them they are.

We have a great d with a chance of having one of the best tandems of ilbs ever if we resign bowman to an extension. Problem is we will have so much money invested in our lbs it's like Pitt. Hopefully the salary cap goes up or else we will lose bowman to a sorry team that will pay him 8 mil a year
The defence has been in the top for a number of years now. I have no concerns at all.
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the f**k? lol
looks like a Jerry Sandusky mugshot
i think we shouldn't push the panic button specially when all of our starters on D return for 2012
Will be more of these:


Just a quick look, but his Carolina teams had Billy Davis as a LB coach and three LBs made the probowl in 1996, along with Eric Davis as a DB. Zero probowlers in 97 and one in 98--K Greene. Greg Roman was the Quality Control and Strength Coach.
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I expect Fangios defense to kill 2 or 3 opposing players this year.

I'm putting a 100.00 on the first knock out
Valid concerns and this has been talked about a lot in Official Defense thread.

That said, I will need to see some scheme growth this year now that we have every player back from last year's record setting defense. VF played a Nolan/Manusky vanilla defense all year...essentially, straight up and won with individual talent and dominance. This year, the opposition will have a full year's tape on our D so it's time to up the ante and install more scheme. Last year, there were a few things that concerned me:
1. Had a tendency to play his S's VERY deep (sometimes 30 yards deep)
2. Had a tendency to play his CB's way off WR's on 3rd and shorts resulting in easy pitch-n-catches
3. We saw in the NFCCG, when Brown went down, he left a cold CB off the bench in single coverage with zero S help. The CB actually had good outside coverage but with no inside S help, the result was an easy TD. People forget this but THIS was the turning point of the game.
4. He didn't sub much last year unless there were injuries (McDonald, Willis, Brown, etc.)
5. Our S's have very poor range from sideline to sideline and I honestly can not remember one time either S provided help over the top on the sidelines. They were solid in the middle of the field and esp. playing down hill and around the LOS. But better scheme will need to be utilized to ensure our CB's don't continue to get beat down the sidelines and this starts and ends with the front 7

I'd like to see VF improve upon the aforemetioned. In addition, I'd like to see him expand the playbook and utilize the talent of the front 7 better (which as we all know, benefits the back end more than anything). For that, you have Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith who can line up anywhere along the front 7. I'd like to see better game planning and using these guys to attack weaknesses better along the OL. Any "gaps" left by their pass rush will easily be picked up on by Willis/Bowman and the S's and CB help in run support. To add, Bowman and Willis need to be utilized more in the pass rush and playing off Brooks/Smith. I'd like to see a better rotation along the DL as well. More CB and S blitzes. Both Whitner and Goldson are technically, the same SS player and play best as another LB in the box. Teach these guys how to time delayed blitzes and play more up at the LOS blitzing like some of the best in the game have been used. Both Brooks/Smith are athletic enough to drop back and provide underneath/outside coverage on any of these blitzes. They just need to have ensure the CB's are providing over-the-top and inside coverage at the same time. The best D's exploit weaknesses and never stop attacking them until the game is over (see Ravens against us last year).

So here is to VF for adding these new wrinkles to a record setting D in 2012. With a full team of returning starters and better, more experienced depth (save for S for now), his work is CLEARLY cut out for him.

I'd recommend watching these key points to see if he is addressing this next level or if we employ the same strategy and as a result, start to fall off some as the opposition starts to exploit the holes better for 2012.
I expect the defense to get better this year with off season workouts. I expect very few if any teams to score over 20 pts on us. Like last year I expect teams to pass on us because they cant run, but they will also have to pass because we will be scoring more points ourselves. When the stats show we cant defend the pass its probably going to mean they are passing a heck of a lot against us. Hence pass stats against us wont tell the whole story.
Originally posted by SportsFan:
I expect Fangios defense to kill 2 or 3 opposing players this year.

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