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Why should we not get Saints 2nd round pick or any pick from them?

Originally posted by fryet:
Other good answers, but it should be noted that the Saints also did not injure any 49er when we played in them in the playoffs. So the 49ers did not suffer as a result of their inappropriate behavior.

Technically we lost Ted Ginn to injury that game. I know he was banged up before the Saints game, but still we definitely suffered without him.
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Originally posted by sspiker:
This is a ridiculous idea.

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i understand what you're saying and it's a valid in life, "the punishment doesn't fit the crime" - bounty >>>>>10 times worse than tampering - however, i'm sure there will be a different punishment because this is a very unique situation
I think the better question is...why were they only penalized for two second round picks? Two first round picks seems more fitting.
As expected fans are taking this way to far. Aside from the ACL and ankle comments most of what we heard is probably pretty common rhetoric in a defensive meeting before a playoff game. Obviously, they didn't actually injure any of our players or gain any competitive advantage by targeting us so why should we be rewarded for it?
Our actions were perceived to have damaged the Bears negotiations with Briggs. There was direct "cause & effect". That's not the case here.
My view, I would rather focus on the big picture, the Saints will get whatever the NFL issues in this decision, but I wouldn't worry about it so much.....Whatever goes around comes around 100 fold larger in the universe world, Lance Briggs-ehhhh, I feel the 9ers just need to focus on making them selves into a Super Bowl champion, because the NFL won't be able to stop us from becoming a stronger power house and who cares about the matter if we have a Lambardi trophy in hand. Of course we can plant the idea into the commissioner's head as a possible penalty for the Saints, but I feel it would be best just to assume that the 9ers won't get anything from this and just plan forward. The Saints will get theirs, because when you try to do dishonest things, it will always come back on you. I look at our team and I feel we have a much stronger LB corps than the Bears do, Willis and Bowman can both take away tight ends and destroy any running back, Ahmad Brooks is a very good pass rusher and decent tackler also, non-the-less our D-Line is just sick, and when you pair those factors with a top 5 secondary, I look at Briggs as such a small item. I look at it in the perspective that hey we beat the Saints playing an honest game while they were playing dishonestly and that's the best that they can do? At this point, the 9ers are so much more ahead of that, its just time to enjoy this ride, while picking up 3 or 4 Super Bowls and putting more players/coaches into the HOF. 9ers Rock 4EVER, bar none.....
it would be cool but it won't happen.
That hit on Williams by Robinson looked like a bounty hit to me. Williams doesn't seem to think out there. Maybe he suffered concussions in college.
They have compelling evidence of offenses against other teams, considering the Saints were being punished before these tapes came out

Originally posted by NC49erfan82:
Dude seriously? I never said there is not any evidence against the Saints and other teams. I said audio proof. I am sure the NFL knows alot more about it and probably will never release more than what we know against the other teams. Like I said those teams should be rewarded as well (hell I think if any team should get the 2nd rounder it should be Minnesota). I will take a 7th round pick for it. It is the whole if one team can get something from us for tampering then why cant we get something out of what we just witnessed yesterday.

they handed out these punishments before the tape leaked. the only thing the tape is gonna affect is Greg Williams future in the NFL. does it really matter if we get their picks? we practically got their 2nd round pick so chill out!
We get any FEMA $$$ next time that town has a hurricane....won't count against the cap

What wasn't seen surfing that audio was GW's hand motion of rubbing his thumb and forefinger together as he said the first one is on me
That's the damning evidence. As for swapping draft picks etc what about all the other teams they played? NO traded their first round pick away that's why they got hit with losing the second round pick. So essentially NO wont have a draft pick until the third round unless they trade up
Originally posted by sspiker:
This is a ridiculous idea.

Ridiculous, yes. But I appreciate the creativity.

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