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Niner fans: VOTE FOR CRUZ

The Madden Curse is voting for Cruz, because the Madden Curse is scared of Willis....
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Originally posted by defenderDX:
voted for Willis, lol

lol this lol

sameeee! hes been hurt alot, broken hand etc etc.. ill take the chance to have my madden 13 with a 49er jersey on the cover
when does madden 13 come out btw?
also voted for Fitz, in the division.
I'm also voting for Willis. What kind of fvck bois believe in curses? You prolly believe in the Easter bunny too
How cares? Cam is going to win anyway,
Curses are f**king stupid. Especially one over a damn video game. Voted for Willis.
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Voted Packers, Giants, Cards and Pats all teams I hate
Willis wants we should vote for him.

The curse has not applied to everyone who has been on it...I have a feeling he can destroy it once and for all.
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Originally posted by Evilgenius:
Originally posted by TruNinerFan:

The Madden curse is real. We don't need our best player on the cover of Madden.

Our best player is Justin Smith. Has been for a while. Worse is how he didn't even make the list. The clowns at EA know nothing about football, highly suggest not buying anything that company creates in general due to their business practices as well.

It's not about who's the best, it's about who's the flashiest and who the fans recognize. D-Lineman and O-Lineman aren't ever going to make the cover of Madden because the average fan doesn't think Linemen play an important role. That's why, despite how great their careers have been, guys like Jevon Kearse, Julius Peppers, Jason Taylor, and Justin Smith haven't even been considered for a Madden cover opportunity,

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Willis on sportnation right now waterballoning QBs.........hit rodgers in the nuts with a mustard bomb lol
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Ain't no curse gonna stop Willis.

Meh won't matter really anyways (whether it's real or not), Willis is turning soft, so he's bound to get injured, regardless.
NO Vote for Willis this round, at least let him make it to the championship vote before you rout against him.. Altho I personally think curses are for mere mortals, Bam Bam doesn't fit in this category. LOL
Willis for me he wants to be on the cover
Willis eats curses for breakfast. voted Willis, Willis wants to be on the cover, I want him to be on the cover. but Cam Newton is gonna win in a landslide based on hype alone
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