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Ex-San Francisco 49er arrested after Scottsdale bar assault

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A football player for the San Francisco 49ers has been arrested after a fight outside a Scottsdale bar last weekend.

Wide receiver Dontavia Raphael Bogan, 23, was arrested Sunday night after he allegedly assaulted a bouncer at El Hefe near Camelback and Scottsdale roads.

According to a Scottsdale police report, Bogan was being held on the ground by security when officers arrived.

The injured bouncer, identified as 28-year-old Corell Thomas, told officers Bogan approached the front door of the club, moving the rope line where people were waiting to get inside.

Thomas said he told Bogan not to touch the rope and to get into line and he would be let in.

Bogan allegedly ignored Thomas, saying he was "coming in" and "I spend thousands of dollars here and we have a table inside."

Thomas said he responded by agreeing with Bogan, but that he still had to let go of the rope and step back.

Bogan allegedly began yelling, and "flipped out" taking a swing at one bouncer and missing and hitting Thomas on the right side of the head with a closed fist.

The second bouncer took Bogan to the ground and both told him to stay down and to calm down, according to the report.

The second bouncer stood up and Bogan allegedly got up and swung at Thomas again, hitting him in the back of the head and tearing off his shirt.

They got Bogan down again and as Thomas started to let go Bogan started to reach for his pocket and allegedly threatened to kill them.

Fearing Bogan had a weapon, they held him down until police arrived.

Police arrested Bogan for assault, disorderly conduct and threats.

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We released him, he is no longer a 49er
lol looks like he got socked in the eye pretty good.
LOL dumbass
he got f**ked up, lol
what a f**king dumbass, just because he couldnt wait in damn line
Scottsdale Clubs = Fist Pumping Doucebags
What a great week he had
He mad.

Not the 49ers problem anymore.
Must have been Spring Training.
Mad he got released no doubt.
Bogan- I spend thousands of dollars here

Bouncer- You probably should have saved some because your now unemployed.
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