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RB Brandon Jocobs: Like It or Hate It?

RB Brandon Jocobs: Like It or Hate It?

I'm not real excited about Jacobs. I never really liked him. That said since he is a 49er now I want him to succeed. Hopefully Rathman can get him to stop running soft and use that big frame to power his way to some short yardage conversions.
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Completely off topic but just wanted to ask this question in a trending topic. does anyone know a way to download and watch the nfc championship game in its entirety. i have a friend who is a giants fan and was deployed and i need to show him how lucky they got so he will shut up.

NFL Game Rewind. Subscribe for him and if his connection speed is decent, it will be good.

Or maybe you can find a way to capture the video.
Man, IDK about this signing at all but the reaction is crazy if you ask me! If Baalke/Harbaugh believe in him I'm with it. Jacobs can still carry the ball and no matter what is 100000000X better than Dixon. I would like a RB in the next 2 years via the draft. Everybody thought another RB, Jerome Bettis was done when the Rams dumped him. Then he peaked around his 7th year? NOT saying that will happen but sometimes players just need a change of scenery. Jacobs could turn out to be a nice pickup or nothing at all. If it's the latter, who cares we got Gore/Hunter
I like the pickup.

Gore will have somebody to spell him on occasion other than Hunter who can knock the snot out people
He's going to take a little energy out of the D line, he's no halfback.
He's not slow.
He has been known to break it open.

He's not what he was but he's still a load.
If he has anything left where's the negative?

Harbaugh and Rathman are coaching.
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I can't stand the guy as a person. He's a douche

As a player he's soft and big for nothing and getting old

I hate the move but I still think he can prove me wrong under Harbaugh and Rathman's coaching
That being said, i hope he's successful with us
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Harbaugh must think we have a strong solid locker room. Can you imagine trying to stand up to guys like Justin Smith (and his Dline), Pwilly,Bowman and V.Davis? You know those guys will be like, "This is our Mutha f**kin team."Shut your pie hole or catch the beat down.......

The fact that we got to the NFCC without the FAs will only embolden our orginal cast because now they know what it takes.
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