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4 QBs on roster,will one be traded?

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This thread is hilarious...

Tolizier or whatever his name is will be cut or practice squad.
I'm guessing it will be Tolz to the PS squad. Who knows though. All i know is I'm stoked for preseason. Gonna be interesting to say the least.
Everyone getting a roster spot please step forward....

Not so fast Tolz...
What are the chances that Kaepernick gets traded. They signed Alex for 3 years then Johnson for 2. They could get a decent price out of Miami. I not saying they should Im just saying with Baalke you never know.
As long as alex makes it, i'm good.
trade Scotty T for Orakpo str8 up
Tolzein... zero value. Cut or practice squad.

Why would you even care who they cut or trade when we all find out who's the best three to take us beyond what the 49ers accomplished last season. You guys are just drwan into conclusion that Scott Tolzien is the odd man out but the reality is that mechanics and delivery and just plain experience playing this type of offense makes Colin having the least exposure, training, and experience. The only thing going for Colin is his athleticism, if he was not a second round draft pick, he'd rank 4th right now.
Josh Johnson has shown exactly nothing in the NFL. He's battling with Tolzien for #3 and I won't be surprised if he loses.
Originally posted by sanjose49erfan:
The 49ers liked Tolzien son much they rushed to sign him after being cut with the san Diego Chargers.If a team brings a good for Kaepernick ,he will be traded. hey flinn was a hot QB and look at the deal he got from the Seahawks and after playing 2 games! damn! who know ,it could happen

Hello! We traded up to get CK7 at the top of the 2nd round, striving for the 1st. Tolzien we never drafted, not at all. We picked him up off waivers. So were obviously not to high on him. If we were we never would have signed Josh Johnson I assure you. Mark my words! Set them in stone if you may. I'm going to break it to all you Scott fans so listen up. 'Prepare yourselves now! Scott Tolzien will no longer be a member of The San Francisco 49ers this season. He will be cut during pre-season!!!!'

Originally posted by Evilgenius:
Josh Johnson has shown exactly nothing in the NFL. He's battling with Tolzien for #3 and I won't be surprised if he loses.

CK and Tolzien both have a year of studying this offense under their belts. JJ will have to be very good to unseat either of them.
Yeah. They're all such hot commodities.
Who in their right mind would trade for Kaep for a 2nd round when they haven't seen him play that much in a real game. Not talking about spot duty, talking about starting from start to finish, or coming in when Alex gets hurt and has to finish the game and win it. Kaep might be better than we think but not yet ready. JH might be hiding him some. This is a make or break year for Alex. Why? He will be in his second year with the same system. He must show progress not regress. If he plateaus that leaves the door open. If he gets injured and one of the three runs with it. He will be gone the following year. Don't think so? Look what has transpired. 3 year and not 5 or 6 year contract. Looked at Peyton, bringing in JJ for competition. Does he wilt or show us his metal. Tolz might go to ps but someone could pick him up and he could leave if the team that does pick him gives a roster spot and gives a better chance of climbing up the ladder. Tolz has no value unless someone really wants someone to develope, but he has to be showcased in pre a lot and be spectacular, bbut don't think anyone would give higher than a 7.
Eligibility for the practice squad is based on the following guidelines:

Players can't have already been on a practice squad for two or more years, although a third year on the practice squad is possible if a player's team has had at least 53 players on the roster during his entire period of employment (players are deemed to have spent a season on the practice squad if they are on it for three of more regular season or postseason games during their first two years and at least one during their third year)Players can't have an accrued season of NFL experience (six or more games on a team's 53-man roster, injured reserve or PUP list), unless they were on the active list (i.e. were dressed to play) for fewer than nine regular season games during their only accrued season(s)The general rules for the practice squad are as follows:

Teams can have a practice squad consisting of a maximum of eight players (a ninth player can be added if he lives outside of the United States and is not a U.S. citizen)Practice squad players make $5,700 per week and can only participate in practice (hence the name practice squad)Players on the practice squad are free to negotiate with other teams and can be signed to another team's 53-man roster without compensation to the original teamIf a team signs a player from the practice squad of its next opponent, the move must be made at least six days before the game; players signed from a practice squad also must count against the 53-man roster for three weeks (these rules are in place to prevent teams from signing practice squad players for a week just to get information on their next opponent; it's still possible, but these rules discourage the practice)
Traded? For what? A 98th round pick in the 2174 NFL Draft?
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