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Who will replace Frank Gore in the coming year??

Bring back Michael Robinson
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I really hope we draft Cyrus Gray from Texas A&M. He style of play really fits our team.

Gray, Turbin or Ronnie Hillman in the draft as the new 3rd RB.

Bernard Pierce. 6'0'' 230 and runs a 4.39 40.
we have gore,dixon,and hunter why did we sign rock???........dixon and hunter are good IMO
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Sorry but Frank Gore did not have a "great year" last year. He had a bunch of unproductive games where handing off to him consistently put us into 3rd and longs that we couldn't convert.

Sorry but 125 yards in 5 games straight games in the midst of an 8 game win streak when our passing game is still learning is a huge year. Expecially considering he finished with over 1200 yards at 4.3 yards a carry and did well in the playoffs. Not many other running backs would be able to achieve what he did under the same circumstances. Every team can't have an Adrian Peterson. Our QB produced 17 touchdowns and we won 13 games while featuring an every down runner. Try looking up the word perspective.

To argue your point about a string of unproductive games, that is a part of being a running back. You aren't going to find running room every week.

Gore--- 6 Games under 60 yards rushing. This includes the Giants game, which he basically missed.

Ray Rice--- 6 games with under 60 yards rushing. 16 starts

LeShawn McCoy-- 5 games under 60 yards rushing. 15 starts

Those are young, elite running backs who both had comparable over all regular season production as Gore. Between Gore and Rice, Gore was the far better back in the post season.
So true....and gore faces 8 in the box almost every down bc of our lack of a good passing attack. Now thatbwevhave 3 good Wrs that will open up lanes for gore and Alex will get more practice throwing like late in the season against the giants sea rams
Hunter is better than a lot of this drafts rbs I would say in this draft he might be a top 3-5 back being so productive at college and doing well last year. So hunter and maybe in 2 years a better back.
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this leave Gore alone.
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this leave Gore alone.

I don't want that dude to leave until he gets his ring(s)
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we have gore,dixon,and hunter why did we sign rock???........dixon and hunter are good IMO

rock is for special teams

and dixon, while entertaining, is not good
whoever that guy is when the time comes is not on the current roster
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oh god season hasnt even started and already with the Gore talk. He will be our starter until he no longer can walk period.

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Erm, duh, Kendall Hunter.....
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Bring back Michael Robinson

No f'ckin way. Did you conveniently forget about the play where he speared Kyle Williams with a helmet-to-helmet shot when he was on defenseless on the ground?
did we ever find out what the injury was that he had
lemichael james
Word on the streets is Carolina may be willing to ship out either DeAngelo or Stewart (link)...Idk what the asking price would be tho and that would be a huge factor but I'd be willing to ship a 3rd out for either (preferably Stewart only because of his contract numbers)...hell, I'd do a 3rd this year and a 4th next year if I had to (or a 5th this year)...

But maybe I'm undervaluing them? Idk
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