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Ray Ratto First - Moss No Way!

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insert alex smith haters gonna hate pic with saints chasing him into the endzone lol

You know what I hate is the endless haters gonna hate resets. Yes haters are going to hate lovers are going to love birds are going to fly fish are going to swim wtf is the point!
How about Alex apologist are going to defend him no matter how mediocre of a quarterback he is.
He had a good season last year but come on he has yet to prove he is an elite qb and yes I know what JH said but some of that is just a coach propping up his player. If he was such an elite qb don't you think the deal would be done by now?

haters gonna hate

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how you drew that conclusion from that article, I have no idea.

this lol this

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Never go full retard.

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