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Ray Ratto First - Moss No Way!

Originally posted by Schulzy:

I know FA hasn't started yet, but I am fearing that we'll have Josh Johnson throwing to Randy Moss, Michael Crabtree, Ted Ginn, and Kyle Williams next year. And that's not a good thing.

Doesn't sound worse than Alex to the same guys - minus Moss - which is exactly what we had last year. I'd rather keep Alex than get Johnson, but I don't doubt Harbaugh can make Johnson function the way Alex does (don't take ANY risks unless the game depends on it).
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Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Good god will people give up the idea on Josh Johnson already
this times infinity
Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Good god will people give up the idea on Josh Johnson already
this times infinity

Seriously, he's no Tolzien...
Dude, don't forget to take your meds...
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Originally posted by 49ERSAM:

Yes way! The reason they are bringing him in is to see if Randy and CK could work out. We all know CK has a cannon of an arm and if Alex wouldn't sign the offer, they'll go to the season with randy and CK, knowing they have a capable guy with Scott to take over if CK can't get it done. The 49ers are already have somebody at QB this coming draft that they would love to get in the later rounds to develop.

So what am I saying, they are prepared to move on without Smith if that Condon guy keeps running the show for AS. The reality is, Condon's counter offer does not make sense right now as far as guaranteed money is concerned. The 49ers already paid AS the money he has not lived up to for at least five years of his time with the 49ers and COndon is trying to get some outrageous cash without regard to the performance that AS showed the 49ers before 2011. This, no way!

Bolded: whats the point to put CK if scott can get the job done?? lmao no offense but stopped reading when i read that.. cant agree with that type of logic
Originally posted by Young2Rice:

1 good year doesn't make up for prior poor pay, regardless of whether you want to throw the rest of the team and organization under the bus as an excuse.

Many QBs have had 1 good season, forked over a s**t load of money, and got burned. The same people laughing at the Sanchez deal will be laughing if we give Smith a s**t load of money.

As for Moss, might as well as we are the hospice of WRs, where WRs go to die.

I have not doubt Moss's physical skills are still there, it is the head that has always been in question. Taking off plays it is not a pass play and he is not the 1st or second option. At least he is not a destroyer of QB's like T.O.
I will be sort of excited if we sign Randy Mawse.
Originally posted by HessianDud:
how you drew that conclusion from that article, I have no idea.

What?! Who?! When?! Where?! How?! CK? MMMMMK? AS?

I find myself in complete and total agreement with the Dud. WHAT? WHO? WHEN? HOW?

Where was Kaep mentioned in this article? Condon? Who?


So we will work out a lazy-a@@ like Randy Moss, but won't even consider Terrel Owens last year when we NEEDED a WR? F*ck that!

WHAT? WHO? T.O.? CK? MM? RR? ZZ (Top)?

Riddle me this? How could ANYONE -- I mean ANYONE want a guy back that sent our beloved 49ers into a near decade long tailspin?

Please? Answers? Anyone?
Harbaugh throwing to Moss. Good thing the 49ers have the best coach in the league to sling the rock. Who threw to Moss in New Orleans? Gimpy ass Sean Payton!
One thing about this that makes me happy is that our owner understands we even NEED a deep threat. Last year against the Giants, with no deep threat on the outside with Ginn out, the defense had no issues at all playing close, tight and physical up at the LOS. Davis was our only deep threat and we got 2 out of 3 plays for TD's on a defense that was playing down hill against us all day long (and succeeding). If Moss has any speed left, defenses would have to respect that speed, play off and for Moss's best attribute is timing his jumps and making high catches - both would be a huge asset for Alex who could wing in up down field in the Candlestick wind and trust that he has a WR who will more often than not, make him look good.

Jackson would be another ideal WR target for Alex as well as TE Fleener. You work with Crabtree and Williams on getting off the LOS quicker, playing off physical CB's, use them more in slots and for crossing patterns and use Hunter more like Sproles, Alex would have a ton of weapons and most importantly, it would force defenses to play off the LOS which would also open up the running game and reduce QB sacks/hurries and pressure/hits.

I'll be interested to see what they clocked his 40 time at today.

I'm sure they'll only release it if it was solid.
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Sign Moss
Re-sign Morgan
Draft TE Coby Fleener Round 1
Draft WR Joe Adams Round 2

I'll be at peace.
Im not cool with Moss as our only receiver signing.

Bringing in Moss to be our number 1 guy is not a good decision.
I like the idea of bringing in Moss to be a number 2-3, and help the young receivers, but not a number 1.

Sign Wallace, VJax, or Meachem.
I think Randy Moss is bad luck!
randy moss = superbowl
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