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Thank you Donte Whitner!

This is the second time I've seen Whitner bailed out Bowman's missed tackle. The other one-- Pierre Thomas --yeah that one.
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Whitner is the man. easily one of my favorite players. i like his nothing but business attitude and he confident he is in our defense. that slam on bush was insane lol
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Whitner is worst to plays for defense and bad coverage. He is nothing to learn the plays for defense around!

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Yeah.. I can see who few said Whitner was awesome that slammed with bush?.. It was good slammed but he don't have to stop the offense because he is plays for worst and bad around.. He is nothing and stink his talent to plays that look aweful! .. I can see him what he is playing it.. i realize it now..
I like Whitner, I think he's a good presence on our team, a good leader, smart, aligns the secondary, big hitter, etc. But this Super Bowl proved he can be a real liability in coverage, especially in the red zone. I think next year in our nickel, red zone packages that he should come off the field. Either replace him with a more coverage-oriented safety (McBath or FA/draft pick) or just go 4 corners with Goldson as the lone safety. And in our dime packages, even if not in red zone, I think Whitner should come out. Go with 5 corners (if 5 dress) or go with a reserve safety. Whitner should not be playing every snap.
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