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I bet we are in consideration for this game next year...

The Giants will host the 2012 regular-season opener on Wednesday, Sept. 5, Commissioner Roger Goodell announced.

Will the NFL do the same as last year where The Saints played @ the Packers opening night? It would be a good game for sure. What do you guys think and is it a big deal?

I do, we would get a prime-time game and then have a longer week to prepare for our home opener the following week presumably.

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Make it happen
Aren't the Giants scheduled to play here in 2012? Can someone confirm that...?
we host the Giants next year.
Might make Niners vs. Saints the first prime time game.
If we dont get it Im holding your personally responsible for jinxing.

Niners 49
Giants 0
Wednesday? Come on, NFL.
yea i think we do host the giants next year. I bet if we did go the giants for opening day all the new yorkers would be wearing THANK YOU KYLE WILLIAMS t-shirts
no we HOST the giants in 2012

Too early to start getting hyped for next season. I'll lose my mind waiting. I can't help it! GO NINERS!
Thread fail.
Not possible, lol
Originally posted by HessianDud:
we host the Giants next year.

Originally posted by cwilson830:
Originally posted by HessianDud:
we host the Giants next year.


It'll be OUR home-opener following week 2 on Monday Night Football, book it.
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