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I bet we are in consideration for this game next year...

The Giants will host the 2012 regular-season opener on Wednesday, Sept. 5, Commissioner Roger Goodell announced.

Will the NFL do the same as last year where The Saints played @ the Packers opening night? It would be a good game for sure. What do you guys think and is it a big deal?

I do, we would get a prime-time game and then have a longer week to prepare for our home opener the following week presumably.
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Make it happen
Aren't the Giants scheduled to play here in 2012? Can someone confirm that...?
we host the Giants next year.
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Might make Niners vs. Saints the first prime time game.
If we dont get it Im holding your personally responsible for jinxing.

Niners 49
Giants 0
Wednesday? Come on, NFL.
yea i think we do host the giants next year. I bet if we did go the giants for opening day all the new yorkers would be wearing THANK YOU KYLE WILLIAMS t-shirts
no we HOST the giants in 2012

Too early to start getting hyped for next season. I'll lose my mind waiting. I can't help it! GO NINERS!
Thread fail.
Not possible, lol
Originally posted by HessianDud:
we host the Giants next year.

Originally posted by cwilson830:
Originally posted by HessianDud:
we host the Giants next year.


It'll be OUR home-opener following week 2 on Monday Night Football, book it.
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