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Biggest surprise of the 2011 season?

Biggest surprise of the 2011 season?

Lot of options
Alex Smith ballin out of nowhere
Must put Justin Smith as a surprise this year. I know people have been saying he hustle and give all on every play. But this year, that dude was just another whole new animal all together. Not sure that he did anything different from other years that he was with us. Maybe it's because of the other talent around him or team play of the defense. But he seems to have more big plays and more critical game winning plays on defense for us this year.
Originally posted by DukeCityNiner505:
Alex Smith ballin out of nowhere

great post
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I didn't think coaching was that important at this level. Evidently, it is.
Biggest surprise was Alex's success in his 7th offense in as many seasons. If he can expound on what he did last year, we might just have ourselves a QB for a decade or so...
Aldon being a beast when everyone hated on the pick during the draft. i kinda figured Alex would be legit with an actual nfl coach
our success. i was expecting a shot at Andrew Luck.
That an owner with the last name York wasn't criticized once all year. :O
The +28 turnover differential
I think the biggest surprise was going 14-4 and hosting the NFC Championship even though our passing offense was ranked 29th in the league.
We very nearly reached the Superbowl despite a passing offense that was mediocre all season.
JH wearing the same shirt and pants the whole season!
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Originally posted by DukeCityNiner505:
Alex Smith ballin out of nowhere
this is the answer. even us alex supporters were shocked to see what he did, the alex of last year and the years before never would have ran for touchdowns , make key throws and had the leadership he displayed. it started there. he was the head of our rattlesnack. actually the coach was but whatever