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In honor of the all the "Should we bring back" threads

Jeff Chandler
Derrick Hamilton, Rashad Holman, and Richard Seigler
Mike Cofer
Jesse Sopolu
Derick Deese
Kevin Greene
o.j. simpson!
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Touchdown Tommy Vardell

Originally posted by Kastion:
Otis Amey

This is a good one. A guy I heard and read about so often, yet I have no idea what number he was or what he looked like.
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Originally posted by JeuSF49:
o.j. simpson!



and of course...the one that got away..

Jamie Winborn.

Originally posted by jesserdumas2:
Kevin Gogan, damn I miss that A-hole.

Gogan was awesome! He picked a fight in a pro bowl as a niner and got thrown out. N A S T Y
Renaldo Nehemiah probably one of the fastest men to ever play football. First man to do the high hurdles in under 13 seconds and broke the world record for the high hurdles several times. Allegedly did the 40 in 4.1 seconds hard to believe because Bolt (current 100 meter world record holder) recently ran the 40 in 4.35.

Was fun to watch Nehemiah do a go route and blow by the CB like he was standing still only problem is that he couldn't catch a football
Originally posted by 8008:
Touchdown Tommy Vardell

LOL! and the Niners were dumb enough to sign him twice. '96 and '99
The jack of all trades, Cody Pickett. Dual threat quarterback, special teams ace, rodeo clown. The man did it all for us.

Honorable mention - Kory Sheets
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How about Mr. Rashaun Woods?

And no mention of Jonas Jennings yet?
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