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In honor of the all the "Should we bring back" threads

Kevin Gogan, damn I miss that A-hole.
Originally posted by Imfasterthanur:

and Lightning

Mo Hicks! Watch me return kick offs to the 30 and then do my little hop-and-fall.
J.J. Stokes
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Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
J.J. Stokes

he may not have been worth the price we paid but the man caught 63 balls for us as a third option one year and that is a helluva lot better than our current group. Now in being very forward thinking and anticipating response from zoners,,, Yes I know he had steve young throwing him the damn ball!
Jeremy Newberry
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TJ Slaughter
Johnnie Morton
Tony muthaphukin Parrish...that man was the shizz
oh and lol at the pics of Ken Dorsey, and Nate cant read Davis
Willie Middlebrooks

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Saleem Rasheed!!!
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Brett Carolan

San Marin High in Novato, Washington State....He had way better hands than Delanie Walker.
Curtis Buckley, Dedrick Dodge and Chuck Levy
Curtis Conway
Originally posted by Black24Razor:
Curtis Buckley, Dedrick Dodge and Chuck Levy

Dedrick Dodge the ex-London Monarch!
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