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What are you most excited about for 2012?

I have to say the thing Im looking forward to for next season is the progression of our rookies, all of them played major roles in a short offseason in there rookie year, I think a full offseason under there belt is really going to be huge in there development. Not to mention another year with Roman at OC, Smiths numbers should go up especially if we get him a legitimate deep threat to open up the field and help the redzone offense!!!! Cant wait for next season already!!!!
the 1st game of the regular season, it cancels out looking forward to FA/Draft/Preseason because come 1st game of the season everything is already known and im not left wondering.
Knowing we're a contender as opposed to hoping we are!!
Aldon Smith
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Aldon Smith

Our defense
The excitement is progressive.

1st I'm really excited about FA and what we'll do. Will we get Bowe, Garcon or some other WR? Will we geta RG or another CB like Carr from KC? It will in part dictate who we draft. How many of our own guys will we be able to resign?

Then I'm really excited about the Draft. Baalke/JH will be full of surprises. Can't wait to see who we get.

I'm never too excited about preseason but what he heck It will be great to see who emerges and surprises the critics and how much improvement has been made by certain individuals.

Then the regular season kicks in and I'm on a roll.
How come nobody has talked about throwing a deal towards Carl nicks?
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The progression of our offense, I wanna see how Alex, Crab,Vernon etc perform with an offseason together and in the 2nd straight year with the same exact offensive coaching staff
Expecting to win almost every game we play.

to see what Harbaugh is going to wear
All Done Smith
The progression of Alex Smith and the passing game.
Our 6th Super Bowl trophy
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The progression of Alex Smith and the passing game.

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