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Freddie Solomon passes.

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I liked him a lot when he played for the 49ers. RIP.
Young .. sad.
Rest In Peace Freddie, will always appreciate what you did for the 9ers and you will always be immortalized on my 49ers SuperBowl DVD set!
"Passes" is the passive way to say "he's dead".

R.I.P. Solomon
He fought the good fight, and is now with Bill again. RIP Freddie, you were a gem!
Younger niner fans didn't get to see "The Great Freddie Soloman" he was a class act and a outstanding reciever. His kind will be missed.
Damn. Why is everyone dying all of a sudden?

I loved Freddie Solomon. Great player for us and classy guy all the way. Very instrumental for our team early on. He will be missed.
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