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Importance of Chemistry to Future Success

We already have a downfield threat in Vernon Davis. When it comes to wide receivers, I want a guy with great hands and physical presence. We need a guy who Alex can throw the ball to on 3rd and 6 consistently. Crabtree does it sometimes, but he doesn't always beat his man or he drops an easy pass.
Add one of those receivers, I see Crabtree benefiting a lot. Yes, our WR production in the playoffs was horrible, but when Crabs is lining up with Williams and Swain, I don't blame his production 100%. Those few drops against the Saints are frightening though, and I hope it isn't foreshadowing the future for him in the playoffs.

However, in the regular season, Crabtree has done nothing but get better year in and year out. The man is absolutely getting it. I can't wait to see Crabtree along side a good FA acquisition, a rookie WR, Morgan, Ginn (mainly KR and fly sweeps) and Williams. We need a big receiver though. I would love to have Jackson, but his me-first attitude doesn't suit this team, not one bit. We'll see. In Baalke we trust.
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Joe, two things. Craps had the yrds, yes. But did he have the "it" factor and under pressure, how did he do? Against the Saints, alex hit him 3 times between the 1 and the 5 and craps dropped them all. Against NYG, he had one catch for 3 yrds. IN the playoffs and end of season, he just disappeared. That doesn't cut it, especially since he held out yr 1, then played 2nd half of season not learning the playbook. I actually think he will be traded if we can get equal value. I would love to see us package him and our #1 pick(#30) to a top 3 pick team for a run at Blackmon. Also, if we had to throw in Kap to pull that off, i would do it. Odds of that happening are probably slim and none, but , heck, a guy can dream, no? As for craps moving on, i just don't see him buying into the Harbaugh thing. Maybe i'm wrong, maybe not. But he seems to be a player rather than a team member, and i don't think that is a Harbaugh type of guy.

Second is that even tho we had just craps and kyle, we did have one coaching mistake....and this from a guy who virtually made no mistakes all yr. In essence, Coach H had a darn near perfect yr...except for WR instruction. Sure our WRs were never open. But did you EVER see either of them do a fake, a juke, a come-backer? Even one? NOPE, me neither. It is a small thing, but somehow that one factoid of coaching didn't happen. Not putting fault on anyone, but both kyle and craps could have had a heckuva lot more chances if they had run a crisp route, w/ a really good fake...or comeback. They didn't and hence were never open. We can improve on that, even with out any new WRs. But we will get a #1 FA and i am hopeful we get a UDFA or late pick that is one of those overlooked guys who end up sensational. Kinda like Brady in 7th rd. Don't you know Coach has seen a lot of college guys at WR who he may have had his eye on...that may be there at end of draft. My guess is also that if that WR just so happens to be a TE , we take that guy too.(FLEENER?) Doesn't matter where they line up. Matters whether they can catch and can they get open.
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