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what would you give the first rd pick up for?

as of now if we trade our first round pick the position has to be a WR
Originally posted by Redgoldknight:
I do not want Alex Smith as the starting QB of our team! But I'd pick him over Rivers and Romo

You can't be serious! Okay look at Rivers's and Romo's numbers and playoff appearances vs. Alex Smith and then get back to me. You'll find that
they are both superior to Average Alex. But just in case you were wondering

Philips Rivers starting record

27 TD per season avg.
4022 Yard passing per season avg.
95.5 QB Rating
63.5 % Completion
Originally posted by redniner49:
if we sign back all or free agents i offer our first round pick up with klye williams ,delanie walker ,and 2013 4rd pick up to san diego for a.gates and their 2013 3rd pick


dude gates is 32 yrs old!!! you want to get him and only a 3rd pick! CRAZY!
Earl Thomas, the FS from the seahawks.... 1st rounder and goldson for thomas and a 3rd pick.
I was going to jokingly say a bag of chips and some salsa.....sadly, that wouldnt be the most insane comment in this thread.
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