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what is the biggest factor for a return trip to nfc championship next year?

Originally posted by BrianGO:
Health. Better 3rd down %.

This too.
Alex Smith's progress is the biggest factor IMO
Roman needs to call a better game, Smith needs to pull the trigger quicker, WRs need to get open, Refs need make the correct calls.
health and all the players returning.
Originally posted by redniner49:
agree ,and i think alex will need another tight end to go with davis we need to upgrade walker

No, there's plenty of geniuses on here who will tell you that Delanie Walker is a star and there's nothing wrong with a 6 foot tight-end that gets bottled up by random safeties and cornerbacks, they certainly shouldn't try to draft another tight-end. After all its perfectly acceptable for a team that routinely uses the 2 TE set to have one of them disappear for 3 or 4 games at a time.
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P. Manning
Keeping the unit, esp the defense, together.

We have a special team and continuity = success.
Defense and special teams are the biggest factor by far. If the defense can play like it did in the 2nd half against the Giants, the team will always be in contention, regardless of what the offense does.
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