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would making aldon smith a fulltime starter be the right thing to do?

Originally posted by susweel:
Yes a great talent like him should be on the field as much as possible. You dont draft a guy at #7 to make him a part time player.

if we arent using our #7 overall picks for full time starters then where do we get our full time starters at
I think Aldon get elevated to starter status either way. If we resign Brooks, then Parys gets pushed to the bench. If we don't resign Brooks, then we draft an OLB somewhat highly and have him compete with Parys for the spot opposite Aldon. How ever this plays out, I think we will draft an OLB. We need a solid 4 man rotation, as many have said on here, a 3 man rotation is kind of risky.
Hof...the only reason Von Miller beat out Aldon for defensive ROY is because he was an every down player. With a full off-season, there's no reason Aldon can't become the starter. It's also vital they re-sign Brooks...the two could be terrific bookend OLB's. They both put their hand down and pass rush from the DE positions, too. Aldon has a lot to learn...about defending the rush and dropping back in coverage, but he's got mad athletic skills and just needs coaching up. Jim Leavitt's an excellent coach and will get Aldon to the next level. Haralson could arguably be the odd man out.
Got to see what he can do in coverage. If he is a liability, then he will stay in the same role as this year, simply bolting after the QB. However, if he can show he can drop in coverage, it allows him to be a three down backer.
put me down with dog. Put ALL DONE in for all 3 downs, and if he excells, great. My suggestion tho, would be to have him bull rush or stunt EVERY play, and forget about him in coverage. Let the other guys do that. If it is a run, a bullrush or stunt can stop those cold. Problem would be running to outside, and the other LBs would have to cover that too. I just think ALL DONE coming at a QB every down would be demoralizing. And pass coverage? Hell we switch around so much, we are very able to have someone cover the TE or come up to stop the run...that is if the run doesn't run headlong into ALL DONE. How many times have you seen him whiz by the QB, either front or back, and if those were runs, they would have been smack dab into ALL DONE. I got some tape of DeMarcus Ware, and it looks like ALL DONE actually beats him on speed, strength maybe equal, and reach is way in favor of ALL DONE..and Demarcus has long arms. Let that kid go on every play and it would be a heckuva game to watch.
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