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Making moves ahead for 2012, Trent Baalke will execute again!!!

#NamePosHeightWeightBirthdateExpSchool2Akers, DavidK5'10"20012/9/197413Louisville9Bogan, DontaviaWR6'1"18810/6/19880South Florida75Boone, AlexOT6'8"3005/4/19872Ohio State53Bowman, NaVorroILB6'0"2425/28/19882Penn State26Brock, TramaineDB5'10"1978/20/19882Belhaven College55Brooks, AhmadOLB6'3"2593/14/19846Virginia25Brown, TarellCB5'10"1931/6/19855Texas82Byham, NateTE6'4"2646/27/19882Pittsburgh51Costanzo, BlakeLB6'1"2354/14/19845Lafayette15Crabtree, MichaelWR6'1"2149/14/19873Texas Tech29Culliver, ChrisDB6'0"1998/17/19880South Carolina76Davis, AnthonyOT6'5"32310/11/19892Rutgers85Davis, VernonTE6'3"2501/31/19846Maryland24Dixon, AnthonyRB6'1"2339/24/19872Mississippi State96Dobbs, DemarcusDT6'2"27511/30/19870Georgia19Ginn, TedWR5'11"1804/12/19855Ohio State38Goldson, DashonFS6'2"2009/18/19845Washington56Gooden, TavaresLB6'1"24210/7/19844Miami (Fla.)59Goodwin, JonathanC6'3"31812/2/197810Michigan21Gore, FrankRB5'9"2175/14/19837Miami (Fla.)54Grant, LarryILB6'1"2512/16/19854Ohio State98Haralson, ParysOLB6'0"2551/24/19846Tennessee13Hastings, JoeWR6'0"1855/5/19870Washburn41Holcomb, CurtisDB5'10"1909/3/19880Florida A&M32Hunter, KendallRB5'7"1999/16/19880Oklahoma State77Iupati, MikeOG6'5"3315/12/19872Idaho95Jean Francois, RickyNT6'3"29511/23/19863LSU86Jennings, BrianLS6'5"24210/14/197612Arizona State43Jones, ColinDB6'0"20810/27/19870Texas Christian7Kaepernick, ColinQB6'4"23011/3/19870Nevada-Reno67Kilgore, DanielG6'3"30812/18/19870Appalachian State4Lee, AndyP6'2"1808/11/19828Pittsburgh91McDonald, RayDE6'3"2909/2/19845Florida49Miller, BruceFB6'2"2488/6/19870Central Florida84Morgan, JoshWR6'1"2156/20/19854Virginia Tech44Norris, MoranFB6'1"2506/16/197811Kansas81Peelle, JustinTE6'4"2513/15/197910Oregon78Person, MikeG6'4"2996/17/19880Montana State62Rachal, ChiloOG6'5"3233/15/19864USC22Rogers, CarlosCB6'0"1927/2/19817Auburn99Smith, AldonOLB6'4"2589/25/19890Missouri11Smith, AlexQB6'4"2175/7/19847Utah94Smith, JustinDE6'4"2859/30/197911Missouri30Smith, ReggieDB6'1"2009/3/19864Oklahoma68Snyder, AdamG6'6"3251/30/19827Oregon90Sopoaga, IsaacNT6'2"3309/4/19818Hawaii36Spencer, ShawntaeDB6'1"1902/22/19828Pittsburgh27Spillman, C.J.DB6'0"1995/6/19863Marshall74Staley, JoeOT6'5"3158/30/19845Central Michigan18Swain, BrettWR6'0"2006/21/19853San Diego State3Tolzien, ScottQB6'3"2059/4/19870Wisconsin92Tukuafu, WillDT6'3"2931/3/19841Oregon46Walker, DelanieTE6'0"2428/12/19846Central Missouri State31Whitner, DonteSS5'10"2087/24/19856Ohio State93Williams, IanDT6'1"3058/31/19890Notre Dame10Williams, KyleWR5'10"1867/19/19882Arizona State20Williams, MadieuFS6'1"20310/18/19818Maryland52Willis, PatrickILB6'1"2401/25/19855Mississippi

(WR- Morgan/???) (TE-Walker) (LT- Staley)(LG- Iupati)(C- Goodwin)(RG- Snyder/???)(RT- Davis) (TE- Davis) (WR- Crabtree)

(RB- Gore/Hunter)

YES Alex Smith 's name jumps out to you for the starter in 12 but being realistically like Baalke, he would rather save money wisely for our own players and build through the draft- LOGICAL. Alex Smith is on the rise, with a 2nd year in a dynamic offensive playbook...the more practice the better. Let him pan out and we'll see who shines brighter b/w Smith and Kapernick in the near future. Secondly, I see us addressing the receiver position in the draft because we do have talent in our receivers. If we can resign Josh Morgan(highly likely), we'll have Crabtree, and Williams. All we need to do is upgrade that through the draft for somebody young with potential. Also resign Tedd Ginn for Special teams and find some plug-ins. We're great the tight-end position, Peelle did a great job but it might be better to groom a younger blocking tight-end perhaps Byham. One position that I believe has been slept on is the running backs! Gore had a good season season, expect Kendall Hunter to keep improving- he had a superb rookie season(473 rushing yds 2 tds, 195 yds receiving) compared to Gore's rookie season(608 yds 3 tds). Baalke should find another running back to challenge Dixon. I really like Snyder and think we can get a steal if we keep him but grabbing Carl Nicks(if released) will definitely solidify this trench for YEARS and that's important! Good win is solid for another year or two so that can be handled later or rightnow if necessary which i dont think it is. We have 3 great receivers in Crabtree, Williams and **Morgan** I'm confident that Baalke will use an early draft pick or mid-free agency..nothing lucrative. BTW, Harbaugh musta' seen something interesting in Scott Tolzien so there definitely has to be something there.


(FS- Goldson)(SS- Whitner)

(OLB-Smith)(MLB- Willis)(MLB- Bowman)(OLB- Brooks/??)

(CB- T.Brown/ Culliver) (DE- Smith)(NT- Sopoaga)(DE- McDonald) (CB- Rogers/???)

BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR, Goldson will not leave us Lol!!! Franchise tag or a big deal, he was drafted by us and he deserves it! Whitner is locked in so were safe there but with some of the back ups on the roster now w/ a lil bit more competion would be good. If we can find a better replacement for Brooks through the draft, we'll have the best linebacking core in the NFL and nobody will run on us!! My main concern is the cornerback position, although Rogers played balls out I believe he will ask too much n walk or stick with us because we're this close to a SuperBowl. I see alot of potential in Culliver but he would always get burned deep. I hope that Baalke can find someone through the draft/free agency to really secure that spot for years, to really hold it down. This postion is key because it has been our weakness on third downs and crucial touchdown drives. it must be changed somehow. Next find an apprentice for Justin Smith because he is too valuable not to replace--looking at his age. Special teams is awesome, resign all of the TONY MONTANA SQUAD and keep Ginn and Hunter for the those responsibilities. Plus, let's see how that newly signed long snapper can turn out.

Most definitely the empire will strike back. It will be interesting how Jed York, Trent Baalke, and Harbaugh will build this year's team. We're a couple pieces from Lombardi 6 and so forth. Catch me at the training camp and hopefully at FanFest again!!! Go 9ers!!!!!

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didn't read, lol
What the hell is all that s**t at the top of the post???
The OP definitely seems to be an "apprentice" lol

All jokes aside, I agree. Keep this thing intact. Judging by the post-season remarks of most players, a majority seem genuine in wanting to keep this proverbial ball rolling.
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what is this i dont even
Even if Gire didn't read.
Originally posted by Imfasterthanur:

All jokes aside, I agree. Keep this thing intact. Judging by the post-season remarks of most players, a majority seem genuine in wanting to keep this proverbial ball rolling.

This for sure
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Can't read this s**t. Clean it up or gtfo.
you are execute!!!

I on pointed at the given for what worth it, is. Jump from gary, fine dining for us foe did.gone.go, great!
Originally posted by Imfasterthanur:

All jokes aside, I agree. Keep this thing intact. Judging by the post-season remarks of most players, a majority seem genuine in wanting to keep this proverbial ball rolling.
Michael Crabtree has to go!
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