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Aldon Smith got a dui doe

This post is... well..... RIDICULOUS!

Do you know how many pro athletes have DUI's?
Susweel come and help me to clean my garage ,if you got nothing to do .....
dumb thread get a life
Joking right? Ya, ya you gotta be joking...
Originally posted by susweel:
what should we do

Start by not starting threads in ninertalk that have no substance. Wow it is going to be a long off season. I think I will leave and come back at the begining of free agency or maybe just wait till draft time. Offseason in ninertalk = wasted time I can never get back.
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Drop the crack habit, ok Sus?
Originally posted by Shaj:
Drop the crack habit, ok Sus?

But i love crack.
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Anyone hurt?

Oh lord, I hope this isn't a trend from another talented player who can't wait to waste his talents on "keeping it real".
Originally posted by GuessWhosOn3rd:
Matt Barrows @mattbarrows
RT @Cullyinthehouse: @aldonsmithJETS is cool I just spoke to my man, just a lot of misunderstanding
I hope so
Looks like he just made a bad decision, but this isn't funny. Someone could have been killed. I'll tell you who should be cut. YOU!
Cut from the web zone.
see what happens when the kid gets an early off season
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Cut his ass... not a harbaugh guy
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