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Yes and no. As Niner fans we should remember that Bill Walsh never drafted on need or BPA...he drafted the best players who would fit his system; the Steelers, Ravens and Pats have taken similar approaches as well over the years. Right now, we have a lot of guys who fit well in our brand new systems but we can expect more to come...Aldon Smith is a great example of a guy who fit a need and fit our system well but many did not think he was the BPA. We run a power WCO and 3-4 defense. You need the BPA who fit these systems.

BPA for your system is still the BPA...

Aldon Smith is not a good example anyways, because people here are idiots and think that BPA means whoever is at the top of Mel Kiper's big board. Aldon Smith would've been the best player for any team regardless of scheme because he can rush the passer. He did most of his rushing in a 4-3 nickle situation anyways.