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2012 San Francisco 49ers FA Targets / Draft Needs Thread (Niner Talk Edition)

Baalke needs to re-sign both Goldson and Rogers...we can and arguably should draft a CB, but both guys are in their prime. Obviously, at 27 the offer for DG should be in the neighborhood of 4-5 years, a year or two less for Rogers (30). Finnegan's got a big upside, but will also command big bucks. We can re-sign Rogers for considerably less and retain the integrity of our much-improved secondary. I do like Doug Martin...proven runner, receiver and blocker. Only trouble with Gore, Hunter and Martin is we don't have a pounder...a short ydg guy. Maybe Miller can develop into that role...he seems to pick things up quickly.

Despite his deep-receiving talent, DeSean Jackson appears to be a cancer...and not a player I can see Harbaugh tolerating. As an alternative, I'd say they keep developing Ginn as a receiver...he made considerable progress from 2010 to 2011. Draft a speedster, but sign Vincent Jackson, a big-bodied WR who fights for the ball and doesn't leave his QB hung out to dry (a la Crabtree). Definitely draft Fleener...he and Vernon could form a terrific duo. Use Delanie more as an H back. I'd consider trading Crabtree if they can get a high enough pick for him.
After his disappearance in the NFC Championship game, I'm all but done w/Crabtree. He's just too inconsistent...doesn't keep running to get open or come back to the ball to give Alex a decent target. I'm for trading him...for a good draft pick. Sign Bowe or Vincent jackson...both those guys fight for the ball and don't quit on their QB. Re-sign Morgan, for sure. Draft Fleener and a burner WR. Despite too many calling for KW to be released, he's worth keeping because he has the tools to become a fine slot receiver.
I want Bowe. Do whatever it takes to get him. that dude can catch a ball thrown 4 feet over his head.
Originally posted by Niners99:
I want Bowe. Do whatever it takes to get him. that dude can catch a ball thrown 4 feet over his head.
I see it this way, one veteran Free agent W.R. and one promising Draftee, Jettison Crabtree.
I think our defensive backs looked better this year because our front seven took away the run, made teams go one-dimensional and put a lot of heat on the QB. In those circumstances, there will be a lot of rushed errant throws to pick off. I'm not saying that Goldson and Rogers didn't have good seasons and improve our secondary, I'm just saying that part of their success was the luxury of playing behind our front seven. If I had to choose between retaining both Goldson and Rogers or spending some of that money to upgrade our WRs, it's a no-brainer. Plus, if the offense can get it together and break into the top-half or top-third of offenses, that also is going to enhance our defense because they won't continually be under such stress. I think the winning forumla is to keep the defense as good as we can, but to prioritize upgrading the offense. Then we'll compete for another Super Bowl.
We need a Great WR that will actually put the work in with Alex so they can be on the same page
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There is very little chance we land Bowe or Wallace. Bowe will almost certainly be franchise tagged and Wallace is a RFA and the Steeler's top concern this free agency. I've also heard that DeSean Jackson will likely be tagged and then traded, so unless you think Baalke is willing to give up a draft pick and a big contract he is probably off the board as well.
I don't think we should get rid of Crabtree (and we're definitely not) but we definitely need another threat at WR to help Crabtree. I think Crabtree can be a good #2 WR and a decent possession receiver. He's got good hands and will go up and get the ball. He just doesn't have the speed or explosiveness to scare anyone on his own.
Originally posted by greywolf447:
As far as playmakers on offense here is what I would do.


Sign either Vincent Jackson or Dewayne Bowe in free agency. If we are unable to get one of those two I would then try to get Colston (I would put him 3rd because he is injury prone).

I would resign Ginn(for obvious reasons) and Josh Morgan.


1st round Mohamed Sanu (6'2" 215 lbs. I have watched some of his videos on youtube and he is very impressive.) 115 rec for 1,206 yards and 7 td or Alshon Jeffery (6'4" 229 lbs and was a big target in the redzone. Had 8 td this year)

2nd round Coby Fleener (6'6" and 244 lbs and played for JH at Stanford) That is IF he is still available. Most mocks I have looked at have him going in the second round and this is what I am basing it on.

3rd round Doug Martin (5"9" 215 lbs and runs with vision and purpose. Not to mention he is a great blocker and can catch out of the backfield)

1- Vincent Jackson 6'5" 230 lbs.
2- Michael Crabtree 6'1" 214 lbs.
3- Josh Morgan 6'1" 215 lbs
4- Mohamed Sanu 6'2" 215 lbs or Alshon Jeffery 6'4" 229 lbs.
5- Teddy Ginn 5'11" 180 lbs.
6- If we keep 6 I think it will be between Kyle Williams, Brett Swain, and another draft pick.

TE/H back

1- Vernon Davis 6'3" 250 lbs.
2- Delanie Walker 6' 242 lbs. The multiple ways we use him I think of him as a H-back.
3- Coby Fleener 6'6" 244 lbs.


1- Frank Gore 5'9" 217 lbs.
2- Kendall Hunter 5'7" 199 lbs.
3- Doug Martin 5'9" 215 lbs.

If we can make this happen we would be a very formidable team. We should not have any problems in the redzone with those players.

I like the way you think sir! if we can make this happen then we could have the most weapons then anyother offense

just creamed my pants a little right now

Originally posted by kidash98:

Si Senior!!!!
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
No you don't let your pro-bowl corner in Rogers walk

you don't let ginn walk because he's the only returner we've got

Bring in enough competition to dump Williams who is worthless

Especially when he says he doesn't want to be a free agent, he wants to be a 49er.
When I was watching the Patriots Ravens game I was most impressed with Wes Welker's ability to go to the ground to catch a ball. He was sold out to catch a ball. I hope that this years off season brings us a couple of players that have Welker's desire to catch a ball at any cost, with Belitnikoff hands. To me it seems that unless the ball is almost perfectly thrown several of our receivers can not, or will not, catch it. Where can we get big, fast, receivers that will go out to catch the bad ball and keep us moving the chains?
you mean .. Jerry Rice Hands.. Jerry Rice Focus.. and .. Vernon Davis Size.. ;)
Originally posted by SF49_Benitez:
you mean .. Jerry Rice Hands.. Jerry Rice Focus.. and .. Vernon Davis Size.. ;)

With a receiver like that, you or I could lead the 49ers to the NFC championship game.
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