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Revisiting the 2011 draft picks

1. Aldon Smith, OLB, Missouri2.
2. Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada
3. Chris Culliver, CB, South Carolina
4. Kendall Hunter, RB, Oklahoma State
5. Daniel Kilgore, OL, Appalachian State
6. Ronald Johnson, WR, USC
7. Colin Jones, S, TCU
8. Bruce Miller, DL/FB, Central Florida
9. Michael Person, OL, Montana State
10. Curtis Holcomb, CB, Florida A&M

Now that the season is over...discuss the impact of the draft on the season... Aldon Smith of course turned out to be a great pick...Kendall Hunter nice utility back, but I don't believe has the size to be a starting back, otherwise he would taken the starting job over Gore...Bruce Miller - good pick...I don't know why they stopped utilizing him as pass catcher or hardly used him for short yardage?? Culliver probably will be good..too early to tell.

What are your thoughts of the draft and how many of picks that were still around at the end of the season do you think will be on the roster next year?
IDK about Cully I thought he was going to be real good but now I'm not to sure his last 4 games were awful

He was a rookie though..
solid so far
was a home run!!!!
RoJo over Doug Baldwin...ugh. At this point, that's the only big miss in the draft. Colin Jones and Bruce Miller were money late rounders. Aldon is a great first round pick, Cully will improve I think...Hunter is a great addition and I hope he can become our Darren Sproles. Verdict still out on Kilgore and Person.
if kilgore can step up and push for starting job at right guard, or center, a great draft becomes even better...kilgore is a guy they traded up for tn rd 5, and more than held his own in the preseason...looks like he plays with a nasty attitude too, befitting a guy named kilgore "ii love the smell of napalm in the morning, it smells like victory")
First thing I'd like to say is that Harbaugh and Baalke came up with a list of traits (kinda like Nolan did) that the players we draft had to have. I don't think they ever released the exact traits, but they had to be team players, quality players no risk projects. Baalke did a great job of finding these players in the draft and our FA's too. So that being said, they excluded a lot of players, but I think the end result is a quality team first unit that allowed us to go as far as we did. Give Harbaugh and Baalke another offseason. CHAMPIONSHIP!

Aldon Smith - TOUCHDOWN BABY......they knocked it out of the park on this one, I think they need to pick up another rusher too in the next draft. Can you imagine him with a full offseason in the weight room? A pro bowler for years to come.

Kapernick - We didn't get to see enough of this guy to have an opinion on him. But Harbaugh is the quarterback whisperer

Chris Culliver - He seemed to play better earlier in the season, and he got picked on at times, but he's a rookie. He's a guy that can get really good. He's got the size, speed, and he's got some veterans to teach him.

Kendall Hunter - I would have like to see him carry the ball a little more even in the Championship game. The guy has a burst. He's going to get more carries next year, but I think that we are going to draft another back and get rid of AD.

Daniel Kilgore - I'm hoping he challenges next year for some time. Another guy to develop, and we need the depth. Depending on how much he's developed we may not draft an olineman in the 3rd round?

Mike Person - A guy they thought was going to compete at guard or center, but they liked his skills at tackle. I'm glad. Both Kilgore and Person played at smaller schools but were very smart and versatile lineman. If one of these guys can really develp we may say GOODBYE CHILO

Ronald Johnson - Why oh why did we pick this guy? Ouch. Imagine if we picked Baldwin over him.......we could have really used another receiver in the Giants game. BUT IF HES THE ONLY BUST.........Baalke is doing a great job.

Bruce Miller WHAT A GENIUS PICK......I remember a ton of guys on this board WENT BERSERK over this pick, but he turned out to be great. A probowl alternate in his first year. He showed some really nice hands. This guy is mobile, and can hit a moving target, I think they will bulk him up in the offseason and work on his RB skills, but if he can be a passing outlet like half of Rathman did, that would be great. I'm sounding like a broken record but give him an offseason and man the guy is going to just get better.

Ian Williams - Nice pick up for future. I remember him playing well in the preseason and he was good enough to keep being undrafted.

Tolzien - really liked him in the preseason, very accurate and came from a west coast style offense. I really like the depth we have.

I'd give the draft a solid B+.....we won't know how we did on some of the players, but he got a ton of production from Aldon Smith, Hunter, Cullver and Miller. Some GMs may not hit on four players in a draft, but almost the whole draft made the team. You could even make the argument that if Baalke didn't draft Aldon Smith we wouldn't have made it to the playoffs. And let's see what those other guys do in the years to come and this draft could really be insane. I may be grading this too low.
S**t i always forget we drafted that Holcomb kid.
i think Kilgore will push to start next year. i remember him owning his guy all throughout preseason. this dude can play.
1. Aldon Smith, OLB, Missouri -- Star player.
2. Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada -- Unknown
3. Chris Culliver, CB, South Carolina -- Very good player.
4. Kendall Hunter, RB, Oklahoma State -- Very Good player.
5. Daniel Kilgore, OL, Appalachian State -- Unknown
6. Ronald Johnson, WR, USC -- Miss.
7. Colin Jones, S, TCU -- Very good special teams player.
8. Bruce Miller, DL/FB, Central Florida -- Very good player.
9. Michael Person, OL, Montana State -- Unknown
10. Curtis Holcomb, CB, Florida A&M -- Unknown

Even with all of the unknowns, it has already proven to be the best 49er draft class of the last decade. Amazing draft. Reminds me of how Walsh used to draft in the 80's.

So glad Colin Jones ended up making the roster. From preseason I could tell that dude was gonna be good. I think he can do more than just ST, but who knows. Give him some reps in the slot. He's so f'n fast.
Aldon Smith--man did you guys see him get bounced by a Giant--he went flying into the air like a rag doll. But he's not phased...he goes back for more. Dude's attitude is ridiculous.

He seems very mature for his age which is going to be a huge plus...nice job TB and JH!
The biggest surprise to me was that they didn't draft any Stanford guys. The Baldwin miss, in particular was a sore thumb, especially since they were drafting WR late in the draft. Why did they draft a guy from USC instead of a guy who was already familiar with the Harbaugh offense. It especially hurts when Ronald Johnson didn't even make the practice squad.
Who is the Cory Nelms kid? CB that won some up and coming award from the coaches.
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
IDK about Cully I thought he was going to be real good but now I'm not to sure his last 4 games were awful

He was a rookie though..

AWFUL? Are you serious? Do you remember how bad the CB play used to be on this team? I'm talking Mike Rumph, Sammy Davis... hell Nate friggin' Clements.

Chris Culliver played out of his SKULL this year. Everyone gets beat at some point, but Culliver never got abused like Nate Clements did while he was in SF.

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