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How are you guys doing today?

when we lost.. i headed out back and hit the beer bong 5-10 times, then played stacked cup, then moved onto dice... beer bonged 2 more, hit the local cheesburger down the street open/24hour, then came back passed the f out, now at work trying to regain what happened to us that game
We didn't lose, we just ran out of time during regulation for Ackers to do his thang

Sick to my stomach.... No ESPN and NFL network for now. I might not watch Superbowl.......
I need to take a break from football, I'm not even going to watch the Superbowl rerun.
I'm bummed by the loss...but luckly I don't work with any idiots that would run there mouth about it. That's the positive side of it.
What in the world are y'all calling off work and so sad for? My God. Disappointed...Yes! Didn't the critics (people who criticize other people because they can't do shyt) say the Rams were supposed to win the West? This lost proves who's the weak and the strong and I'm certain the Niners camp will...will be the favorites to win the bowl next year. They proved without reasonable doubt that it's gonna be great seasons for years to come under Mr. Jim Harbaugh. So true Niner fans, smile because OUR Honey Badger Boys, crept up on the scene and showed fans that they have what it takes to get a championship. Kyle Williams...real 49ers fan still embrace and love you bro. We aren't playing the game! So you ain't got nothing to be shameful for.

Aye real Niner fans...stand up and cheer for our 2011-12 Divisional Champions. Shyt, something we haven't heard in awhile! No need to be angry, Niners are gonna shock the world next year. At least we weren't 15-1 and couldn't win one playoff to defend the title! Lmao
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Just like a lot of you. Tired. Not wanting to be here at work. Everyone is so f**kin irrating today.

Just the nature of the beast we call Football. Overall though I can walk with my head up high. I will not be ashamed of what happened. But I still say f**k YOU KYLE
Originally posted by OKC49erFan:
This team far exceeded my expectations this season. Everything in the playoffs was gravy. I'm pretty proud of what they accomplished, given the circumstances.

Coach did a hell of a job! Think about it, no offseason, no NFL caliber wide receivers, over the hill running back, and a 1st round bust at QB, hell man we shook the pillars of the NFL world, and put the league on notice! With a full off season, the draft, and free agency next season can't get here fast enough! We are back!
Life sucks today...but the future is looking bright.

Message to 49ers: DRAFT OFFENSE (wide receivers specifically)!

Can't wait till the draft and next season!

Go Niners!!!

gotta assume we're doing a little better than Raven fans.
Originally posted by 3RDINFINTRY:
The Alex Smith of 2005-2010 showed up yesterday.
Take away the 2 tds on blown coverage, he did NOTHING.
Your coach basically did his best to hide Smith all year, and in a game where he needed to step up, he couldnt.
The WRS on your team had ZERO seperation.
Your defense is AMAZING and very IMPRESSIVE. They kept you in the game..
Either or, Great game, great season and good luck next year.

What game did you watch last night? Alex did what he could. Sure he missed on some throws, but he played well overall. The Giants defensive line got great pressure all game long. It didn't help matters that our WRs couldn't get open. Vernon Davis got open because of play design, and Alex made the throws to get the touchdowns. I don't believe Harbaugh 'hid' Alex at all during the season. You seem to forget about the lockout and the fact that Harbaugh had no time to install his offense. He had to do it during the season. The fact this team finished with a 13-3 record, beat the Saints, and made it to the NFC Championship Game shows what a great job Harbaugh did. By the way, Alex Smith had something like 4 or 5 4th quarter comebacks to win games for the 49ers this year.

You obviously do not follow this team on a regular basis, as your opinions are only conjecture. Eli Manning didn't win this game for the Giants, and Alex Smith didn't lose the game for the 49ers. The Giants were the beneficiary of being on the fortunate side of fate, as were the Patriots in their game against the Ravens. That's the way it goes in the playoffs. Don't blame Alex Smith for this loss. That fact that you do shows you really don't know football.

49ers Fan in NC
6-10 last year 13-3 this year tough pill to swallow today disapointed in the way 9ers played but got to start looking to next year
I'm really proud of what they have accomplished this year. That is another reason I'm not letting the loss beat on me that much. 14-4 (w/ playoffs), playoff berth, division title & a great coach to lead us.

Hopefully we have an active off-season & draft day. Go Niners!
Disappointed, for sure. To be that close and lose a game in that fashion is certainly a tough pill to swallow.

However, this team far exceeded my expectations. Couldn't be happier to have Jim Harbaugh as our coach. Excited about the future of our team. We are headed in the right direction.

Have to feel bad for Kyle Williams. He is probably the sickest man in America, right now-- other than Billy Cundiff. Of course, as a fan you're critical of a player when his mistakes are costly. But, he didn't go 1-13 on 3rd downs. We had our opportunities. Anyone who threatened this man's life needs a reality check. At the end of the day, this is a game. Reality check time people.

Keep your heads up. The Niners are back, and will be a force to be reckoned with in the NFC for years to come.
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