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The Blame Game

I blame the Giants for playing so well
Originally posted by susweel:
The Harbaugh's cant get to the big game.

Shame that there has to be a rematch of the crybaby-faced Eli and Golden boy

Why did the Ravens kicker have to smoke the practice FG kick?

Why didn't Kyle's High School Head Coach not teach him how to properly execute a Fair Catch?

I so sad
Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by Prodig33:
Rofl... I take the over...

and you will owe me a signed Alex Smith Jersey when we make it to the big game...

This was Jim's first year as HC... with no Off Season... and you spew your negativity... effing disgusting...

Niners win in dramatic fashion ur all over Alex's nuts... We lose a close game to some bullcrap special teams plays and now Harbaughs cant make it to the big game... I applaud your trolling sir... however...

I would hate to have your balance and calves as big as yours riding that fence... I think my balls would beg for me to pick a side...

Originally posted by niners94:
They didn't fumble twice or miss an easy kick.

Well they couldnt do it today or John is past years. Also chill out guys they still got more chances.

Yep you right ...we usually go to SBs very often........let me count.......10 years ago or more....what a joke......
The reason we lost was because gire didnt get the ball enough.
Spin on Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer...

Kyle, the kneeballah Williams-Williams
Had a very slippery grip-like a snowman
Then one wet January day..
49er fans came to say..
Kyle with your play so bad..
You went and made us all so sad..
Then how the fans did not love him, love him
As they shouted at the T.V.-"No KYLE are YOU kidding ME?!"
Kyle Williams will go down in hissstorrreeee..-like the Bengals!
[ Edited by Montana on Jan 23, 2012 at 8:24 PM ]
We did more to lose the game than the Giants did to win it.

Even objective Giants fans would agree with that.
I blame the obama adminstration lmfao
null post
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Originally posted by BubbaParisMVP:
Originally posted by Apone:
Roman must of thought Alex was Young, Crabtree was Rice, and Gore was Terry Kirby. He completely got away from the run in the 2nd half When he did call run plays, it was either sweeps or draws from the gun.....

I think that's a very good observation and one that has really bugged me throughout the latter part of the season. We were pounding the ball with good results in the first half and I was expecting Roman to beat the Giants front seven into submission in the second half...then he took his boot off their throat and went pass happy. He's been doing that for two months, and I just don't understand it. Gore looked great tonight and his cuts were as good as we've seen since September.

In boxing you always punch the cut eye. I don't know why we didn't do the same tonight.
Wanted to prove to the world that Alex is Elite.
Originally posted by Apone:
Williams was awful from the beginning. He almost lost that fumble on the reverse. Fair catching balls with no one around him for at least 10 good yards. Diving for balls...for what reason I have no idea. Not to mention he was completely useless as a receiver. Harbaugh should of yanked Williams.

Roman must of thought Alex was Young, Crabtree was Rice, and Gore was Terry Kirby. He completely got away from the run in the 2nd half When he did call run plays, it was either sweeps or draws from the gun.....

Yes, believe it or not I put a lot of the blame on this game on Greg Roman...Why, because I agree he completely abandoned the run and Frank Gore which was working. And I know why....It all has to do with losing the Penn State job to Bill O'brien andwhat he has done with new England..He thinks he something to prove, that he can call a "great" game...It also has to do with Roman "auditioning" on the National stage for a future head coaching gig..We could have run the ball down their throats in the second half.

I think the offensive staff tried to be too cute in this game. I think they outcoached themselves.
Originally posted by LoneWolf:
I blame the obama adminstration lmfao

Ya, good one Biden, thx a lot buddy..not voting for you! haha

So, I hear Kyle just got signed with the Browns, lol.

Oh and I blame Ticketmaster..I'll throw them in too.
[ Edited by Montana on Jan 24, 2012 at 12:07 AM ]
I don't get calling these reverses and pitching the ball in a driving rainstorm and in the mud. Williams fumbled that too but recovered it. But just a bad play call to put your own players in a bad position. Why would you call a play like that in weather conditions like that?

Why did we get away from the running game? It was working and we went away from it completely. Doesn't make sense.

Dixon on key 3rd down conversions. Why?
I think it's obvious that Gore has either lost a stop, or playing hurt. He really hasn't been the same ole Gore all year. He broke off some decent runs earlier in the game, but disappeared late. Maybe Roman and Harbaugh didn't trust Hunter with the ball, being a rookie and all. I don't know why, but the playcalling was suspect for sure.
Williams was a turnover waiting to happen IMO. He put the ball on the ground early in the game and had several head scratching fair catches. As horrible as Ginn can be as a pass catcher, the team really missed him on punt returns on Sunday.
I blame Anonymous
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