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Congrats NY Giants on your win

This pains me to say...

I had complete confidence that we would win this one and advance to the Big Game...

Alas... The Giants Win...

They played a helluva game, lets give them props for what they did.


Im so shocked... but they did what they had to do.. took advantage of their opportunities and won the game... props to them....

Let us be humble, we had a great season beyond most peoples expectations, a little shorter than we all would have liked... but the giants game to play, and they won. GJ Guys...
dont want to see any Giants crap right now
Could be the bitterness but I think we lost it as much as they won it.
f**k THEM
The refs gave it their all to win it for them, CONGRATULATIONS Hochuli, you won THE SPREAD!!!!!!!!!
only giants i know are san francisco giants
this is the worst thread i have ever seen
Congrats. No sense in being a sore loser like alot of Saints fans.
Your crazy Giants sucked. What a joke of a game. NFL dont want 49ers in SB yet. Seems like everything when that way tonight. Whatever, KW#10 CUT.
Originally posted by spizzy:
this is the worst thread i have ever seen

With the way things are going tonight, I wouldn't count on that lasting long.

You must be kyles relative ......pls Please lock this sh37
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They played a good game. They are solid all around, but we should have won.
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just beat the cheatriots....brandy cannot tie Joe in SB wins
Props to the Giants.

I'm sure they'll beat the Patriots and their mediocre defense.
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