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Is it me or did Dashon Goldson...

Take away two interception opportunities? I love his big hits and the dude is a stud, but he knocked out T. Brown when it looked like Tarell had a good chance to make a play on the ball and did the same to Carlos Rogers? Can't remember the second guy he swooped in on, but on those two plays it seemed like the guy already covering the receiver had a chance to get a takeaway.
I can't blame him. Goldson doesn't know if the DB covering the WR was going to be able to make the play.
He did what he had to do. It just wasn't our day. Blaming Goldson is ridiculous.
terrel brown one wasnt really his fault but the one that stopped carlos rogers that was goldsons fault carlos obviously had position and was there much sooner than gldson
Goldson was doing his job. It was just bad luck. I don't think we gave up any points on either of those drives, so it didn't matter much anyway.
you guys clearly dont understand the speed of the game at that level
Goldson was flying around carelessly like a missile, Rogers had the interception on that play, but then again, f**k it, there's about a dozen screwups/errors that can be pointed at, 49ers had countless opportunities to put this game and neglected to do so, Kyle Williams just gives an easy scapegoat.
Originally posted by Five4Five:
Goldson was doing his job. It was just bad luck. I don't think we gave up any points on either of those drives, so it didn't matter much anyway.

It happens. You're concentrating on the ball and sprint toward it in a half-second's time. It's unfortunate because he DID break up two potential interceptions, but he can't be faulted for that. It happens.
I don't know, as a defender you never leave the ball a chance to land in the receivers hands. Plus, once the ball is in the air, they are focused only on the ball. We just didn't get the take aways to create short fields like we have relied on all year.

That strip of Eli early in the game, that would have been a key recovery.

I have to say the Defense played lights out - way better than they did against the Saints. I don't know how they kept going, they must have been absolutely gassed. Its a credit to them that they "dug so deep" to keep going.

goldson haters are the worse.
Goldson had the better chance for the interception on the Terrell Brown injury. The other way I don't remember exactly what happened, just couldn't believe it happened twice. Can't really blame him, he was playing the ball like you're supposed to. Just too bad two people went up for it at the same point... twice.
As a safety you have a split second to decide to either play the ball or the man. He played the ball in both instances (correctly). Unfortunately, both passes were so bad that the corner made the same decision and we know what happened.

At the end of the day the safety doesn't have a God's eye view of the play, particularly when he's zeroed in on making a catch.
double post
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He was trying to make plays, I want him back
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