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GAMEPLAN: Niners Vs Giants

Ok so I know we've been here and done that with these chumps already this year but I just wanted to recap and strategize about a gameplan.


If we look at the box stats from the earlier meeting this year we can see several interesting trends.

1. Giants one the time of possession battle. 34:36 to 25:24 We must win time of possession and keep eli off the field. If we do that our chance of winning goes up a bunch.

2. Our average gain per rush play was more than the giants 3.8 vs 3.2, and yet they out gained us in run yards and ran the ball 9 more times than us. If we stay true to our identity and run the ball we will help win the time of possession listed in item number 1.

3. Our red zone efficency was actually better than the giants in the first meeting. 33% to 25% We need to continue this trend.

4. We won the turnover battle. and picked off eli 2 times in that game. The gameplan on defense should be very similar to that of the Saints game. Both teams utilize the tightends in the same way. Both teams like to use timing routes and back shoulder throws, and both teams love screens and backs coming out of the backfield. I want to see bradshaw and jacobs smothered coming out of the backfield. Just sit on them guys. Ohh and D-line get your hands up. Eli doesn't get the ball out very high.

5. Giants punts only averaged 38 yards net. Ours averaged like 50yd. Field position will be key.

6. In the last game we one the penalty battle by 10 yds. lets keep it up and play with good poise.

7. The only major area that needs huge improvement is 3rd down conversions. We were horrid and still won this game. The giants were 7/14 for 50% and we were 3/11 for 27% If we just play our game and lay some wood cause turnovers, run the ball, and pick up a few more third downs we have this game hands down. i don't even think this game will be close.

Everyone's already counting us out. They say we have already climbed the mountain. That we already let the emotional wagon out of the bag. I don't see that as the case at all. I think of all the teams in the playoffs the one team I was worried about was the Saints. Now I feel like we just have a quiet calm about us. It's business as usual for us. The stick is gonna be rocking, the team is gonna be fired up and we are gonna dominate this game. we are gonna smack this team in the mouth and fight for our lives and dominate this game. Our 6th ring is coming, I can feel it. I would love to see our D dominate Brees, Manning, and Brady in these playoffs. It would be an amazing and epic Defensive run.

So to recap, run the ball more than G-women, control the clock, Pick up some more third down conversions, play with poise, cause turnovers, and use a similar defensive scheme that was used on the Saints.

Who's got it better than us? NOBODY!!!!!

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just PUNCH THEM IN THE MOUTH! We need another statement like Whitner did last week...running backs = TKO!
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Originally posted by mike:


This as much as possible!
Another tone setting play like Donte's hit would be so sweet.
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The beautiful thing about our team is the fundamental soundness of this years squad. Defense has hurried qb, got turnovers, and stopped the run all season. Offense has avoided turnovers, put points on the board and played within their means all season. Special teams has allowed us to dominate in field position all season. If we can play 49er football today we will win.
Screens to gore and hunter and quick passes to Williams and crabs and we win
Take Eli out of the game (Mentally and/or Physically), then we win.

These guys have been talking so much sh** lately I just want the 9ers to blow them out, then Niner Fans throw things at them as they leave, yeah we're known for being one of the nicer cities (SF), but not to you fu**ers.

Blow these fools out please
rain 20mph wind it can't get any better. god I hope we don't have any idiots on our team today that don't put on the long cleats. I hate seeing players slip early in bad weather games because they don't put the long cleats on. Please get this stuff on right from the start and dominate.

I better not see any dropped passes today. Crabs drops last week almost killed us. We better tackle great like we have all season. I don't want to see any yac.
national anthem next. pouring a beer..... LET's GO!!!!!!!!!!
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