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MUST watch this video!!

tears....epic video

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Bump for gameday inspiration.
Originally posted by kemp_j:
Wow! Awesome........ Great video!!! Its too early in the morning to get emotional..... As 9er fan you gotta love it!!!

Wasn't too early for me. I don't know how I am going to make it to game time. Go Niners!
not gonna crying like a b***h
Originally posted by sactomkiii:
not gonna crying like a b***h

Originally posted by Chico:
That was a cool video! After the TD, i was jumping up and down like crazy too...then, i sat down and got choked up because it's been so long...9 years of not winning and miserable seasons can definately break a man down

^ That. Followed by complete exhaustion.
tears again. oh man i can't believe this. i dont want this to be over.

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