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MUST watch this video!!

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[ Edited by THEB on Jan 19, 2012 at 1:34 AM ]
Posted this in the PL thread this morning.

What a great video.

tears of joy

  • THEB
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oh i didnt know it was posted already. It is a great video though
Originally posted by THEB:
oh i didnt know it was posted already. It is a great video though

Well it deserves its own thread

Awesome video!
best part is watching the niner fans celebrate in front of the saints fans ooooooooooooooh my god that was awesome




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Great video!!!!
Wow! Awesome........ Great video!!! Its too early in the morning to get emotional..... As 9er fan you gotta love it!!!
Thanks, great being a 49er fan.

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That was pure sex.
The next time a girl tells me that football is just a game, I'm going to force her to sit down and watch this whole video.
Just awesome......

same exact way i celebrated.
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That was a cool video! After the TD, i was jumping up and down like crazy too...then, i sat down and got choked up because it's been so long...9 years of not winning and miserable seasons can definately break a man down
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