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Where will you be watching the NFC Championship Game?

Originally posted by DUB9IROCZ:
have to work but i'll listen to the radio

Call in sick!
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Originally posted by mayo49:
At home alone. I don't want to be distracted with people around. After the game it's a different story, though.

This! i prefer to watch at home distractions, i can hear and see everything, beer, food...and my 50" plasma, volume's is up!
i just need a hooker to stop by at half time
At the stick in the rain
at home on 40 inch HD !
My cousin is trying to find tickets. If he does I will fly out Friday evening. If not I will be watching it with friends here in DC area.
My brother's and I will be watching with our Dad at his house as we did for the Saints game and hopefully the Superbowl. His health is failing and chances are he won't be with us for the 2012 season, of course we pray we're wrong. So we're soaking it all in with him like we all did the first time 30 years ago.
UR 61, row 11 sitting with my father-in-law...I mean STANDING with my father-in-law
Home with my dad and brother.
UB section 18
Home in New Jersey. Away from all the Giants fans though, that's for certain.

Them and their players are talking... let em talk

Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
At the stick in the rain

Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
At the stick in the rain


That. Booking my plane ticket as soon as I land some game tickets. It's been too long since we've had a game this big for me not to be there in person.
In Chicago at the 49ers Bar the Globe. If you're in Chicago and want to watch the game with 100 other 49ers fans then come!
At home with my Kids

Watching with the kids and hearing them cheer their heads off saturday brought me so much joy

I'm glad my kids have been 49ers fans since they were small , not an easy thing to do here in Vikings and Packers country , now they have bragging rights and nobody is giving them crap anymore for being 49ers fans
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