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Super Bowl XLVI tickets

Okay, I know I am jumping the gun here, but does anyone know how the tickets are distributed amongst season ticket holders? I am reserving a hotel and car rental just in case, and don't want to worry about it being booked.
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One game at a time.
Each Superbowl team gets a certain amount of tickets for the game. Each team has a lottery amongst season ticket holders. At least thats how it was done in the past when we were going to SBs.
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I've just heard that individuals who are able to get tickets can sell them on the "secondary market" or via ticket websites like and TicketExchange. Well every fan of National Football League football would love to go the Super Bowl. It is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. The price of tickets to the game certainly reflects that, as they are amazingly expensive. I read this article Attending Super Bowl still super expensive you'll see there other ticket price.
74.8 percent of tickets are split among the NFL teams

  • 5 percent to the host city's team

  • 17.5 percent to the AFC champion

  • 17.5 percent to the NFC champion

  • 34.8 percent are distributed among the remaining teams (1.2 percent per team)

  • 25.2 percent of all Super Bowl tickets are controlled by the NFL and distributed among companies, sponsors, media and networks

[source: Johnson]
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