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Post Season poll, what position is the weakness of the team?

Post Season poll, what position is the weakness of the team?

Originally posted by boast:
Brett Swain was on the field during that last drive. enough said.

Agreed. And let me add this. When you are a marginal talent who is seeing the field only because of all the WR injuries, don't you think at the least you should bust your ass? I could not believe when Alex put up a deep pass to Swain that looked pretty catchable on TV and the guy didn't even lay out for it. I expect my slow, white WRs with mullets to lay out for the ball, damnit!
For those that think SS is a need, how many teams have SS that are great in coverage? Whatever we positions we target in the first 3 rounds, they need to be positions were a guy can come in immediately and start or by a key contributor (similar to Kendall Hunter and Chris Culliver). If we resign Goldson, no safety is going to get any significant playing time.

I'd like a big or fast target at receiver that will snatch a ball out of the air. After that, I may have to let go of going after a CB and say we target a OG. We are always one injury away in the interior of our line from Rachal being in the starting lineup which makes me cringe. I'm hopeful that Daniel Kilgore will be on the game day roster next season, but we need someone that can come in and play RG/C.
We just need to keep adding talent. We need another awesome receiver, and some more awesome pass-rushing help, with depth in the secondary.

We also could stand to add another starting caliber interior OL obviously.
Q: How would you grade the 49ers wide receiving corps?

RAZZANO: "I think the 49ers receiving corps, counting (tight end) Vernon Davis, is maybe a B. Without him, it's just a C. I think it's very average."

Q: Do you think the Giants' game plan will be as simple as to double-team Davis and make the Niners' wide receivers beat them?

RAZZANO: "I'm shocked that the Saints didn't double Vernon Davis. He's the only one with elite speed who can beat people down the field and over the top. The Niners don't have great separators, and that's why Alex Smith was 31st in the league on third-down conversions. They just don't have a lot of fast, speedy separators. They've got these guys who are more plodders — Crabtree, even (tight end) Delanie Walker.

"Then there's Ginn. Ginn's a terrible route runner. He's never been a good receiver. Williams is OK, but he's small. He's more of a slot guy. But in terms of outside guys, they have nobody like Hakeem Nicks. And again, that's why they're 31st in the league on third-down conversions."
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WR = truth
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
WR = truth

Anyone who doesn't vote for WR is insane. Medically insane.
PAY DA MAN!!!............Get Marques Colston at any cost we need a real #1 out here
WR - ow, that was made glaringly apparent in the play-offs, Crab's might not even be the best #2 when Morgan gets back.

CB - I think we are doing okay there. Hey, I thought TBrown going down was going to hurt us bad -- but TBrock did okay. Yeah, the TD was thrown on him, but not sure any other corner would have had better coverage.
Kyle Williams.

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