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49ers vs Giants tix questions

Didnt see this posted anywhere....if something exists please direct me to it.

Im looking at StubHub and everything is soooo limited on there. I'm assuming those tickets are from season ticket holders?

Should the Giants win today, what will the 49ers ticket office plan of action be?
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The plan will be to sell tix. That is all.

But really, I wanna know too.
As a season ticket holder, they forced me to by the playoff and NFC championship tickets as a package. Now I'm glad they did........
I wonder I ticket prices will go way down as we get closer to gameday just like they did for the Saints game.
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Ticketmaster should sell them like the last game BUT they did sell out in like 30 seconds that's y I bought mine divisional game as soon as we clinched a playoff spot.
so season ticketers get first grabs rite?
How much was ticketmaster selling the limited amount tickets for?
10 point game. Could happen
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from like 130 and up I think depending on the seats and package

Originally posted by Axl49:
from like 130 and up I think depending on the seats and package

And what was the process like?

I bought mine direct from stubhub for yesterdays I dont know anything about how the ticketmaster experience was for everyone.
Anyone know when Ticketmaster will start selling tickets for this game??
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Just called ticketmaster, they said they won't have any info until tomorrow
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