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Did you shed a tear after Vernon caught the winning touchdown pass?

Did you shed a tear after Vernon caught the winning touchdown pass?

i was just jumping up and down screaming like a mad man, kept saying unbelievable and what game
I was a little teary eyed and choked up. I havent missed a game since the last superbowl and this one was so sweet. I've been watching and understanding 9er football since i was 5. You dont appreciate it as much that young but i've always loved it. This was one joyous moment for all Niner Faithful. Man i just thought its been so long and to have this feeling is unparalleled.
I was jumping and yelling "The Catch III!" with tears in my eyes, and almost really started to cry after I sat down. No actual tears went down my face, but I was really choked up and emotional.
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no i was going crazy! our whole section was going nuts! my chick even told its the happiest she had ever seen me (dating for 4 years)
a little choked up .

Vernon overcame alot, dude cried when he got drafted out of poverty, fights with Larry Allen and others in T.C., Singletary
getting out his belt and whuppin Vernon in public, and Vernon finally being the star TEAM player.

Frank Gore, second stringer to KeVANN, winning the starter role, Gore being teased for crying after a losing season, and Gore finally in the playoffs.

Alex Smith, I supported Alex because of our lack of OLine and oline experience,but the Oline never gets the spotlight in anything good or bad,
and this

all of that negativity erased in one playoff moment

I cried. I don't care either, so much emotion and perceverence on that drive/play.
I didn't shed any tears, but this game was an emotional roller coaster. I felt emotionally spent afterward. My voice is hoarse today from yelling and hollering and celebrating...

That was once of the best games I have ever watched.
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Music had me pumped again!!
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Originally posted by THEB:
I definitely did. After that last Graham TD i thought we were done. My heart sunk and i felt like i had to vomit. I was sitting on the edge of the couch all game long and i just sunk into the couch and sighed. Then that last drive was just spectacular. I've never seen Alex so confident and bold. He really took the game into his hands and became the QB i always knew he could be.

Those quick changes of emotion really do something to you. After all was said and done and i dried my eyes, i sat back into my seat to watch the post game interviews and i just felt like i got ran over by a freight train. It was such a stressful and exciting game. I got about half way through Harbaughs interview and i just knocked out. Woke up a couple hours later and still couldnt believe what had just happened. My neck all the way up to my jaw hurts from gritting my teeth all game. The palms of my hands are sore from clapping and clinching my fists, i almost lost my voice screaming at the TV, in joy and anger.

It hurts reallll goood!

Couldn't have said it better myself.
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