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My heart says Green head says New York.
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Giants, I want home field.
You know, I think I want New York at home just a little more but for different reasons than most.

The sting of the 1990 NFC Championship still lingers very badly. I know beating them next week would not make up for the lost three-peat, but it would be a very beautiful sight to see.

Yeah, we've beaten them at Candlestick in the playoffs since then (retired both Phil Simms and LT in the same game lol). But it just feels like this rematch is destined to be.

As for Green Bay....the rivalry is just not the same without lord Favre at the helm. In fact, I even like Rodgers quite a bit. It would mean so much more to play them at Lambeau and beat number four tho.
Keep it at the stick go giants
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Obviously, you'd like to have home field advantage, but I want to beat the Packers. I want to beat them on their field. I want Alex Smith to beat Aaron Rodgers. I want this team to prove everyone wrong.

It's the harder road, but the sweeter victory.
Both games will be great, but I'm taking the Giants just so we can have the championship game at Candlestick. Plus I'm still pretty sure Rodgers has a chip on his shoulder for us and playing him with extra motivation doesn't appeal to me.
Now after remembering the suffering, I want the GB fans to feel all the pain we felt from 1996 to 2001 (and since then in the regular season).

This game will be like the '92 NFC title game when the cowpokes came into the Stick and paid us back for making them irrelevant as a franchise for 10 years.

Jim Harbaugh's "WGIBTU?" holler midfield @ Lambeau as he holds up the Halas trophy will be our Jimmy Johnson's "Haw 'bout dem Cawboys?!"
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I want Giants to win
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I hate the Packers because of all the blind luck Favre had against and would like some pay back. On the other hand it would be a big advantage to have a home game.

If we were the one seed id say packers but It would be a huge advantage to be at home so I'm going for the giants
touchdown nick, we might get home field advantage
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That just looked too easy for Eli
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I prefer the Giants for home field, but I fully expect the Packers to win
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i feel confidence playing against the packers or gaints
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