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Need power of the zone.. 49ers MotoPic monday grand prize contest..

Hey guys, if you have liked my pictures over the years.. first off I want to say thanks for that.. now here is a chance to help me out.. in week 3 i won the 49ers motopic Monday contest.. now they have taken every winner and have a grand prize contest .. Vote for the Motopic Monday Winner .. you can vote as much as you want and I know the zone can help bring this home.. its not on Facebook so anyone and everyone can vote.. help me win the Motorola xoom tablet.. If the zone helps me pull out this win. I will go through some of my stuff and have a little contest of my own after I win.. appreciate all help -fricker

You can vote as much and often as your want..
[ Edited by Fricker on Jan 13, 2012 at 12:21 AM ]
Will do. U da man Frick.
Done, good luck...
Vote for him, WZ.
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Voted for you!!
better vote....Frick knows people.....

If its not to much to ask could the mods sticky this... I promise a contest if it results in a win..
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Voted. Good Luck!

Didn't vote, lol
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TY all.. Keep in mind you can vote as many times as you want. since the prize is pretty sweet.. i will definately find something sweet to give away for the help with a win!
When you mentioned 'its not on Facebook' I started voting straight away. lol.
Week 3, Done.
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