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Niners 1st offensive play against the Saints

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Run up the middle by Gore, 4 yard gain. Then I feel the 6 yard end around to Ginn, and then a counter by Gore for a 70 yard TD!!!
Blast right with Gore following Iupati pulling for a 8yd gain. Second play-action right with Alex Smith rolling back to the left with Vernon all by himself for a gain of 34yds and then momentum is on our side. Mark my words....we will score on our first possession against the Saints defense.....

Singing........Oh when the Saaaaints...Oh when the Saaaaints..Oh when the Saints COME marching in...
It will be THEIR Laaaaaasssst game of the yearrrrr....
49ers is "WHO DEY" fearrrr....Goooooooo Ninerrrrrsssssss!!!!!
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
Originally posted by Stratoblaster:
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
Have your team win four more superbowls. Then you might be allowed to talk to us.

Oh sound like a cowboy fan..

This is today...and we have one within the last five years..that aint bad..and another one here real

I'm not going to lie. I will be rooting for the saints against the packers or giants if they beat the niners. But only because they have only one superbowl ring. They are no threat to history. They are non threatening.

Yep! No threat.
If I had to guess as a Saints fan I would say something unconventional to the typical 49ers offense, either a heavy playaction out of a big set, or maybe a screen to a WR
I think it'll be a quick pass to VD or Gore.
a Quick Slant from Young to Rice for a 80 Yard TD

Wait ...I didnt get my coffee yet ...Screen pass to Gore
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Every Saint defender within 5 yards of LOS, blitz by Gregg (with 2 Gs) Williams, negative play or no gain.
Originally posted by tmpluff:
Screen pass to Gore for an 80 yard td over a blitzing Harper. great way to say Bring on your "blitzes" we aren't scared!!!!!!!

Don't know if it will be the first play but I think Harbaugh has been saving something for the playoffs and I thinkith the screen pass is it esp against the blitz happy Saints. I think we'll use it all day long until they can stop it. Goal is the get their defense tired. We'll pound the ball down their throats and keep Brees on the sidelines.
Same play that we ran against the Ravens, this time Alex hits a wide open Justin Peele for a 75 yard play, gets tackled at the one. Gore punches it in the next play
Fake Fly Sweep to Ginn, Gore off LG for 80 - TD!

Play Action pass to Crabtree for a TD
Screen to Gore ... 8-12 yards
Gore Power-O.
Playaction to crabs for 15 yards.
Vernon Post for a 25 yard gain
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