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Niners 1st offensive play against the Saints

Originally posted by Flash80:
Gore for 4 yards off left tackle (game totals: 26 carries/126 yards/2 TD) .

Colin Kaepernick checks in at flanker. Smith throws lateral to CK. CK throws bomb across the field to Crabtree on post pattern. TD.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
pick 6

COME ON MAN! WTF! Haters now yet? GD! I so happy to be in the playoffs you can't bring me down!
Play-action pass with VD faking a block, then leaking out and catching it over the middle and gaining about 20-30 yards.
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Originally posted by ChazBoner:

Jim Harbaugh sends in the punt team on 1st down Lee punt 82 yards to the saints 1
Brees sacked for a safety
Ginn returns free kick for a td
9ers up 9-0 before the offense gets on the field
I like it
Hand off to Gire.
4 yard completion to Kyle Williams
fly sweep to ginn
We wont have an offensive play.
We will score on every kickoff/punt/interception/fumble recovery

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Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
pick 6

Shut up
are you talking to me?

That would be the 9ers first play on DEFENSE... first play on offense, play action to Gore up the middle, Smith rolls right and fires a pass 35 yards downfield, Crabtree catches it at the Saints 35 and takes it to the house... 49ers 7 Saints 0.... and then of course the pick 6 on the saints first play and is 14-0...
streak to kyle williams td
Originally posted by njninersfan420:
streak to kyle williams td

I can dig it
Screen pass to Gore for an 80 yard td over a blitzing Harper. great way to say Bring on your "blitzes" we aren't scared!!!!!!!
a run up the middle for 4 yards
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