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Romanowski - take out game for the 49ers!

I hate that steriod shooting racist clown....

Sounds like he took too many helmets to the nuts.
havent liked him since he spit in jj stokes face
Well he has a point. Of course no one should be trying to hurt other players, but if you remember the 2002 Superbowl between the Rams and Patriots, the Patriots actually beat a far superior Rams team by playing a very physical game. The Rams receivers knew that everytime they caught the ball they were going to take a beating, and that successfully slowed down that high powered Rams offense and caused them to make mistakes. The Niners should employ similar tactics, although I don't believe that the Saints are a far superior team in this case.
romo can go f**k himself. his bloodline with the niners died when he spit in J.J. Stokes face. the raiders can keep his low class ass
dude sounds drunk out of his mind throughout the whole interview LMAO this guy is a beast though , one of those guys you hate if he wasnt on your team.
heard him say this on the wheel house the other day. dude is an idiot. way too much coca in his days, that in combination with the head trauma, he's obviously not all there.
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Romo is scum. Glad he left before '94.
I hate Romo for spitting in Stokes face but he's right THIS ONE TIME. The Saints needs to die!!!
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
F**k Romo that dude's truely a Raider.

but guess what?
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
what up, INCHEKS!

LOL! dude, you gotta be pinoy! classic s**t!

I may not like Romo as a human being however.... He's spot on. On defense, those guys need to play with a short fuse. We cannot let the visiting team come into our house in the playoffs and throw the ball all over our field. Any receivers crossing our middle needs to be layed out... period. That's how Lott played the game and that is what we must do. As for Brees, if he holds on to the ball more than 1.5 seconds he needs to be hit... hard. No dirty play but absolute kill shots. Put these guys out of the game.
Originally posted by 49ERSAM:

Bring out the stretchers and start the hurt!

lol this guy.

Seriously though, we wouldnt want the D to put them in hospital, thats the easy way out, we want these guys to suffer for the entire game to the point where we see Brees snap the ball, turn to hand it off to Sproles only for Sproles to pull out the old 'im tying my shoelaces' trick.

I think it was the Saints SB run during the playoffs where the Saints D were very physical and the refs were just letting them play. I remember a opposing QB getting ruffed up a bit, might have been Favre? Maybe this is where Romo is coming from with his statement, or its just Romo being Romo.
Love Romanowski.
I was liking the segment up until he chose the Saints to win Saturday.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
F**k Romo that dude's truely a Raider.
this, we didn't want that dirty, roid rager on our team and i don't want him speaking as if he is one of us now.
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