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UK niner fans


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Originally posted by valrod33:
lets put the shrimp on the barbee, aye mate

lol Not their cup of tea buddy.
I am from peterborough in the uk, it my first post seasons game, as only started following niners in 2003. it also my birthday the same day so hoping it a good day.

I hate been the only one of my friends who like NFL, I just love it, really buzzing now!!!!

Do have many late sunday night following the niners, but it all part of the fun
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Hi guys. Nice to hear from the UK fans again. We had a great time in London when we played and defeated the Broncos. After such a long period, it is a great feeling to have a playoff game again. I cannot wait to watch the game (10:30 PM Swiss time, Saturday). Let's hope that our defense gets the job done and that Alex (great season, by the way !) does enough on offense tro win it !

Go Niners !
I can't wait. It reminds me of my first Niner playoff memory. i was so excited only for us to lose v the Vikings in 1987 (?)
Have been a fan since 1988 season (when i was 7), Superbowl 23 still my favourite 49er memory...although a Superbowl win this year will be pretty sweet! It was so weird this season to stay up until after midnight watching the niners win games. Long may it continue!
I am probably heading to this bar in London to watch the game -
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I have been a niners fan since 83 and went to my first game at the stick this year for the Tampa game. Can't wait for the weekend, will be watching on SKY Go.
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Originally posted by jreff22:

Always the best uniforms

Although saying that I was quite fond of my blues. Never saw the need for red in the Navy.
Originally posted by paulk205:
I'm UK based, but I'll be at Candlestick, LR20

Awesome.. See you there!!!

Scotland here and mega pumped is an understatement!! Going to be watching the game in Amsterdam though. NINERS!!!
Originally posted by awol36:
Awesome.. See you there!!!

I'm thinking of coming over to the WZ tailgate this time around (in previous Stick excursions I was with friends or my brother but this time I'm alone). It's also the first time that I'll try public transport rather than drive. Last year's nightmare MNF return when it took me one hour just to get to 3rd street was too much.
Watched it at the Sports Bar - amazing game, great atmosphere. VD - shake his nickname is a sexual diesese.
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