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How are you preparing yourself for Saturday's game...?

Sitting huddled in a dark corner quietly contemplating if a 4-man rush will be enough.
Originally posted by iknoejohnyork:

Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Sitting huddled in a dark corner quietly contemplating if a 4-man rush will be enough.

lol, that's how I've been spending my morning constitutionals lately.
Just another week.

As well as a 49ers victory.

Watching it by myself. I watch football games w/ friends. 49er games I watch alone...I analyze.

I have done this all year, and will again this week.
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Originally posted by Shaj:
doing a complete enema before the game so that I have zero restroom disruptions.

my birthday weekend...

friends, family, tri-tip on the grill and a can of "are you ready to believe" sauce for those that think we don't stand a chance.
Lose my voice at the Stick.. Maybe my mind too..!! UB 8, Let's Go..!!!
Bbq'n some baby backs in the stick parking lot with some modelo's and speakeasy's and some cigars for after
beer+shots + friends = drunk (tell the wives we're not drunk, go to the store and buy more beer) = pass out then go to work the next day with a big hangover
Flying out to SF on Friday, heading into the city for the day. I have no clue how I'm going to sleep Friday night. Charter bus pickup at 1125am before the game! Until then, these next 3 days are the hardest days at work to get through!


'spendn all my time on the zone
Preparing by watching footage of Tebow WINNING games. I think Alex is going to surprise some fools, and OUT-PLAY (yeah I said it) drew brees.
gargolying salt water drinking plenty of water, and am going to avoid any heavy drinking.
Going to consume some alcohol at the tailgate

Coronas from Cwilson + Coors from Skeet + a shot or two with Stoney

Scream my ass off at the game.

A loss results in me setting my roommates on fire because they're packer fans
lots of porn
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