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Brees, 1.5 seconds, and alex

brees is still standing in that pocket
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Brees was picking their secondary apart, you don't just sit back in zone and hope Brees makes a mistake. And when they did blitz they got to Brees....HELLLO Schwartz you idiot!!!

he just stood there the whole game with his arms crossed and didnt do anything! reminded me of a short white singletary
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
Yup, that 1.5 seconds was the length of time it took Brees to unload the ball and frequently it came out at 1.3 seconds. I posted in an earlier thread that alex has to get the ball gone in less than 2 seconds, once the ball is snapped. Any play taking more than 2.0 seconds is doomed to fail based on a review of game tapes. I knew Brees was quick but had no idea his passes were coming out in less than 1.5 seconds. For those of you accustomed to seeing "3 step or 5 step, or worse, 7 step drops" can see the futility of that way of looking at our Qbs passing. In the game last nite, essentially all passes were in the 1.5 second range whether Stafford threw them or Brees.

If Coach Harbaugh has alex taking 3, 5 or worse, 7 step drops, based on last nite's game, all passes from those step drops would fail. The Saints and Lions Ds give the QB no more time than that. Even on a 20+ yd pass, Brees still had it airborne in under 1.5 Seconds. So for alex to be successful he will have to have the ball out of his hand in less than 1.5 seconds, NOT the 2.0 seconds I have stated he needs to sling it in the past.

So we are talking about a sea-change in our Qb calls, meaning every pass needs to be gone in 1.5 seconds, not 2.0 seconds. Those of you who want to see 3, 5 or 7 step drops are going to be disappointed if Coach H allows those calls to be made. We all saw the pasting alex took in the first meeting in preseason. Alex just will not have that kind of time now, and will be relegated to "snapping it and slinging it"...something I have advocated for some time now. One thing that was really a shocker last nite was how fast Brees "sees" the field and lets it fly based on a millisecond of seeing the field and throwing the ball. Good as Aaron Rodgers is, Brees is better timewise. It will be a tough day for carlos, Culliver, T. Brown et al. Brees threw many passes way before the WR made his cut. It was truly impressive.

The big question...can alex get it gone safely in that brief a time span. If he can I think we have a good shot. If he can't we lose. If we see any pass play that takes more than 2 seconds to throw, then Coach Harbaugh has a lot more game film to study and accept the fact that plays requiring more than 2 seconds to get the pass off are going to fail. Aex is doing lots better in this aspect of throwing, but if O calls are made that take time to set up, they will all universally fail. I hope and assume Coach H realizes that. I also fervently hope he calls the O this game. We are going to need him.

Explain to me how a WR can get open in 1.3 seconds. Unless you're talking about short slants and stop and go type of patterns within 10 yards, it's impossible. Especially if the other team plays bump and run
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Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
Not surprisingly dtg picked up on the important part. Alex is going to have to be throwing with 1 or no steps, because the N.O. line of scrimmage is going to look like a pizza house where pizzas are free. Like in preseason, they will gang up on LOS UNTIL we get them to back off with quick slants, outs, and quick screens. Only when they back off can Coach go to his game plan. But until that happens, we can't run nor can we throw anything taking over 2 seconds.

As for Brees, rushing 3 is a non starter. Rushing four won't work. We will have to have 3+3 plus ALL DONE moving around each play PLUS a CB or SS blitz to have any effect on Brees. Anything else he will just cut our D backs to shreds. His recognition of where and who is open is preposterously fast. 5 guys are going have to come to upset his rhythm. As noted above, with Detroits wide DL splits, Pierre Thomas and Sproles racked up over 100 yds, also due in part to Suh taking himself out of the play. Suh is NOT as fast as Aldon so that will be very interesting to watch. Also when we bring 5 (and I sure hope we do), p-52 right up the gut should be very successful.

Re: alex and what this means for him: Well I don't expect to see any 40 yrd passes thrown up for grabs with 3 INTs , all turned into TDs. Getting rid of the ball within 2 seconds will be a must, and if we see him drop back with a box 8, then roman is calling the plays, not Coach H. I am hoping Coach calls the plays, because he gets it. Once the ball is snapped, it has to be gone. Payton has seen the tapes, and revisited the preseason game, and I bet has a box 8 until we dink and dunk him out of it. Also, a taste of their own medicine, the 2 minute drill would be a nice touch, as alex has good feel for that.

Detroit not only had stafford throw 3 INTs, but their DBs dropped 3 sure INTs. That is a possible 6 turn around TDs, which makes one heckuva difference. Our guys will snag those balls and alex is not throwing it up for grabs. Also, we never saw N.O. punt, to my recollection. We get no benefit from punting exchanges and field position if the Saints never punt. What I would really like to see is how to make the 9ers make stops on 3rd and short or long, and on 4th and short. Seems N.O. converted everyone of those puppies. We have to be able to defensively scheme in those situations. Those situations were especially important for brees getting the ball gone pronto. On 3rd and short or long, again, I would like to see Coach call those plays, because to date, we just have not had the proper D set to hold an opponent on 3rd and anything. Our best bet is being inside our Red Zone, but i hope not to see that.

I never saw all day, any of saints WRs get bumped at LOS. We just haven't done that all yr but this sure seems like a good time to do it. Bump 'em and rock 'em. Brees knows his receivers moves so well, he frequently had the ball gone long before the WR looked for the ball. That is a tough pass to stop.

Yeah, I saw brees jump and move around on really deep stuff but the overwhelming majority of his passes were indeed gone in 1.3-1.5 seconds. And you all are right, stafford got rid of it just as fast. For alex, the O calls just have to be 2.0 seconds or less slants and outs, some screens, maybe a shovel pass up the middle, but it better be quick. In preseason game, roman was calling for 3,5, 7 step drops which predictably caused 11 sacks, 12 knockdowns, and 11 hurries. I truly hope Coach H is calling plays next week. If the Saints ever move off the LOS then Coach can go to his game plan, which undoubtedly will call for ball control/keep away.

I'm gonna let our coaches do the strategizing, not you. BTW, which NFL team do u coach for?
Originally posted by kronik:
Explain to me how a WR can get open in 1.3 seconds. Unless you're talking about short slants and stop and go type of patterns within 10 yards, it's impossible. Especially if the other team plays bump and run

I think there was a bit of overstatement on "all" passes being this quick, but Brees does have the ability to throw before his WRs are open. He knows where they are going and is one of the best QBs I have ever seen at reading Ds. So, while there was some hyperbole, many of his passes were very quick releases.

Also, his running game averaged 12+ yards in the first quarter and Brees combined some quick release passes with the running game to push the Lions out of being aggressive.
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There wasn't alot of pressure on Stafford: 0 sacks and 5 QB hits in 43 drop backs. 1 hit in every 8.6 drops isn't alot of pressure especially when the D was blitzing AND knew the pass was coming.
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Instead of these negative type threads y u no post something positive
If a qb is throwing the call that fast its all timing, just jam the receivers hard off the line, no chance they are in their spot 2 seconds later.
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Originally posted by monsterzero789:
yea Brees had all the time in the world last night. He wont get that when he plays us

Brees has TWO All Pro guards defending the front of the pocket, and they do it better than any other pair of guards in the league. With that kind of clear vision in front of him, Brees can be quicker in his decisions. If he were forced to look around onrushing DL, he would not be able to make such clear decisions and get the ball out so quickly. It will be up to Sop, McDonald and Justin to put pressure in his face. The 49ers will not be able to blitz Willis/Bowman very often because Graham is so good at identifying the blitz and going to the open space they left.
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
yea Brees had all the time in the world last night. He wont get that when he plays us


I get the gut feeling this game will be close but we will be playing from behind. Anything can happen but it may take some time for our defense to adjust to the Saints offense.

My general impression of the game is that Brees had a lot of time to throw.
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How does a receiver that ran a 4.6 at the combine run 35 yards in 1.5 seconds? Even if you take into account the time the ball is in the air, the receiver would have to sell his route and lose the cornerback. OP obviously only timed convenient plays such as hitches and slants or else none of this is even possible.
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Brees' OLINE is really good.

He always has ALL DAY to throw.

IF we can get constant pressure, ideally with 4 man fronts, we will win.
Dang it, Pasco...

Chose to take this POV and cast doubt...why?

Anyway, you're entitled to your opinion.

Every moment could go either way as emotion is the nature of this game. Given we play at home for the first time in 9 years or 14 years hosting a divisional game, I expect this team to elevate the apex swelling with emotion, one moment at a time.

Brees went down some...not many by all accounts, but enough for us to see.

We are different.

Fangio will be ready. It's the Roman/Harbaugh game plan.

There in lies the question.

Can we keep up or score TDs when a TO occurs?

As long as we can score TDs, we will win.

Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
Really? Are you sure ALL of his passes that were out that fast??

I could have sworn there was a good # of Tom Brady like pockets...3-4 seconds for some of those long bombs.

Either way I do not think Jim H is underestimating the protection issue.

On top of that, it cannot be true that the Lions and Saints Ds got to the QB in 1.5 seconds. That's just not true. The original poster made that up in order to make a point, but the point fails because the claim is untrue.

Any defense that always gets to the QB in 1.5 seconds is the #1 defense in any year in the NFL.
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