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How many more years is Gore our starter?

How many more years is Gore our starter?

2 things possibly happened.

Frank finally hit the RB age wall mid-season (28, with MULTIPLE key injuries)

Harbs ego got in the way and he really wanted to show the world how well he coached up alex.
Frank looks alot slower. He still has great vision and patience. He as good as any back in pas protection. But gone are those 80yard touchdown runs that he did on the Seahawks. I think those knee injuries are catching up to him. With that being said, he still has another year or two in him. I think we keep him, just use Kendall Hunter a little bit more next year on first down and screens.
Just another reason why I wanted them to win it all this year. Gore's time with us is really running out.
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Why did we not run the ball more? Especially in this type of game
I think he is fine. He had a reduced role with Hunter taking a lot of his reps. Our run'n game is great -
Originally posted by Magzarillious:
Why did we not run the ball more? Especially in this type of game

Brother you got that right. Not sure what Roman was thinking. Gore and Hunter were doing good. We needed to ride the ground game to the bowl
His defiantly on the downside of his career... Need to take a hard look in the later rounds of the draft this year for a future replacement.
Remember when everyone said he was done before the season started and he ended up rushing for the second highest yardage total in his entire career, including 5 consecutive 100 yard games?

Hunter will split the load with him next year and Frank will be just fine.

He had multiple injuries he was playing with. He'll get healthy during the offseason and be good to go for another year or two.
yes trade up and get richardson or some other bruiser back.
He's got two or three more years... We just need to keep an eye out for his replacement
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Yes, the guy who average about 5 yards per carry in the playoffs is really running on empty. Let's replace him NOW.
I definitely agree that they should have called Gore and Hunter's number a lot more! They, especially Frank, were tearing it up! And with their pass rush coming I don't recall one screen pass! Hunter could also be our Sproales in this system. Just give the RB's more shot and we still might be playing!
Gore still has signficant value..because of his previous injuries, and the wear 'n tear after 7 NFL seasons, it makes good sense to incorporate Hunter into the mainstream of the offense more next year. I'd like to see them also either play Dixon more, especially in short ydg situations, or find another good-sized RB they'd rather use. I'd also like to see Roman use Gore more as a receiver...he can still make plays and avoid much of the punishment he gets going into the line.
he was our best player throughout the game yesterday and a terrible gameplan and playcalling limited his impact.

he may hit the RB wall and never be as effective as he was this year and we wasted his efforts.
Originally posted by SealTeam6:
Its over. we should not have paid him that money but Im happy he got it

I remember Jason La Confora saying after Gore signed that contract that it was able to be voided to a 1 year deal worth around 7 million.
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